Close in Ohariu

Do National voters really want Charles Chauvel to win Ohariu?

Peter Dunne is facing the fight of his political life with a new poll showing he is holding on to the Ohariu electorate by the skin of his teeth.

The Fairfax Media-Research International mini poll shows the UnitedFuture leader, who has held the north Wellington seat for the past 27 years, could be ousted by Labour’s Charles Chauvel.

It put Mr Dunne on 37.4 per cent, less than two points ahead of Labour’s Charles Chauvel on 35.6.

National’s Katrina Shanks is a distant third on 19 per cent and the Greens candidate Gareth Hughes registered just 1.4 per cent.

A massive 34.6 per cent of voters were undecided.

It is only a poll of 163 voters but I would suggest the holdouts backing Shanks just give up and vote Peter Dunne.

Charles will be writing letters and emails now to supporters suggesting the words to use in Letters to the Editor.