Cooking Turkeys

It was Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, here is a video about cooking Turkeys.


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  • We always do Thanksgiving with Mrs Spiker being American & all.. Just a Turkey roll from PaknSave along with mashed Kumara baked with marshmellows on top mmmm, coleslaw & for dessert of pumpkin pie all washed down with American beer, whatevers cheapest this year it was Bud.
    She’s up in the big smoke this weekend & has managed to call in to Martha’s Backyard, Lunn Ave to stock up on American groceries. You can take the girl out of America but you can’t take the America out of the

    • Gazzaw

      I’m with you Spiker. Spent a bit of time over the years on business in the US & have a lot of friends there. Martha’s Backyard is great – just on my way there now with my daughter to check out their Xmas stuff. They must have had a huge Thanksgiving shop.

      Hoppe you had a great Thanksgiving with Mrs Spiker. I’ll take a raincheck on the marshmallows & turkey tho! 

      • Hey Gazzaw, it’s worth trying & the kids love it.  Boil & mash the Kumara, spread in baking dish to about 2″ deep, put a layer marshmallows all over the top touching (Pascall pink & white ones are best), into the oven to heat through & melt the marshmallows taking care not to burn. Yum!