Double Face Palm

He can’t remember basic numbers, and now he can’t pick decent analogies. Phil Goff is the epitome of the double face palm.

Labour leader Phil Goff yesterday acknowledged that the final week would be “a big challenge for us”.

“But then the French were the underdogs right up to the five minutes before the start of the last test,”

France lost, fool.


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  • Guest

    The frogs were also caught playing dirty towards the All Blacks captain, a nice analogy for how Goff’s thug squad are targeting Key personally.

  • Mo

    He’s just being honest. Labour just wants to do better than expected, just like the French.

  • Bryce

    If Don Brash had made such gaffes during the 2008
    campaign, the rabidly left-wing political lobby that masquerades as the Fourth Estate
    in this country would have made sure that we had the opportunity to be exposed
    to it again, and again, and again…

  • Anonymous

    The french also openly admitted they were ignoring their coach.

  • thor42

    Gawd, Goof is just **abysmal.**  Thank goodness we only have a week or so more to put up with his “leadership”.

  • BJ

    Goff has an ego and that is all he has got.
    Oh….. and he has a lot of ‘you know and I know’ and ‘they know and we know’ and  ‘you know that I know” and ‘I know that you know”    AND when asked direct question about what he will do, the reply is ‘well what you could do’  or “what you should do”  …. the list goes on. The aggressive pointing and flailing body language is that of a man that doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about and lacking any substance.