Epsom Funnies

David Fisher in the Herald on Sunday covers the Epsom seat, noting a number of amusing events:

  • John Banks uses his cellphone “quack” ring for a small practical joke
  • Banks campaigning hard in the seat, but a potty mouthed underling accidentally scares an Epsom voter
  • Cracks a parachute joke at Otago resident David Parker’s expense (but no jokes about Flying Nuns)
  • Parker knows little of Epsom. He wants to show how different he is, so he’s being as grey as possible.
  • Goldsmith is working hard for the party vote. For example, he walked one block and back on Broadway.
  • Goldsmith’s favourite place in Epsom is One Tree Hill, which is not actually in Epsom.
  • Goldsmith’s written books that no one reads.

So, the oldest candidate has the sense of humour and is working the hardest. Parker doesn’t know what he’s doing there. Goldsmith isn’t doing much at all, which is a blessing, because when he does he gets it wrong. Welcome to Epsom, the wealthiest electorate in New Zealand.


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  • Ghostwhowalksnz

    Im sure National has replaced billboards with Goldsmiths name  to those of the generic National party.
    Next hell be spending the next few weeks in an undisclosed loaction
    Surely Banks cant forget he was a parachute MP for Whangarei for many years.

  • Kosh103

    Banks is a nasty racist homophobic prick. And if the the people of Epsom are, as we are always being told, very smart – he has no chance of being elected and ACT are done.