Get your worm app

As you probably already know on the November 21 TV3 election debate they are letting people with smart phones participate with the Roy Morgan Reactor App (the Worm) for people with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You can download the Roy Morgan Reactor App (the Worm) for people with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch from the Apple App Store.

For those with Android devices you can get it from the Android Marketplace.

Loyal army members with these devices should download in preparation.


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  • John

    Locked and loaded!!!

  • trekkie626

    Also available on Android from the Marketplace.

    • Updated the post with a link to the Android app.

      • BJ

        But do you really want to support TV3 making shit loads of money every time they run a poll. All that data time used with your finger on the button the whole time will earn them heaps. Have you considered it might be good to boycott their money making schemes?

  • Vegas

    Locked and loaded also!!

  • Tristanb

    What about people who don’t want to waste money on an expensive toy?

    It’s going to be slanted towards beneficiaries and hipster Green voters if they only allow smart phones to take part.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t do this because it means watching a TV3 election special. But good luck to everyone else here. We need something to counteract the chardonnay socialists who usually watch John Campbell.

  • It’s loading on the iPhone as I type this; will do the iPad later

  • Observation

    Make sure that John Key is always positive no matter what he says and that Phil Goff is always negative. I have 3 iPhones and an iPad ready to support Key.

    • iPad, iPhone and two iPod touchs loaded.

  • Kosh103

    “Loyal army members” – trying to fiddle the results eh WO.

    Tut tut, dirty pool old man.

    • Gazzaw

      Absolutely Kosh, this will allow us ‘rich pricks’ that have i-phones, i-pads etc to totally skew the results. It will give you something to blame the inevitable shit outcome for labour on so stop whingeing!

      • Kosh103

        Oh my you righties bite when the truth is put in front of you.

        Meow, put the claws away kitty.

  • Its handy that red is on the left of the scale.

  • Abbdef

    Tonight the application was worded so that you slide to the right if you feel strongly, misleading because the tv graph used positive and negative. Wtf