Getting closer in referendum

The referendum is getting closer.

Herald DigiPoll survey showed 47.3 per cent of people would vote to keep the electoral system, while 41.9 per cent said they would vote for a change.

Last week’s poll indicated a slight thinning of support for MMP, 43.3 per cent voting to keep it and 39.6 per cent to drop it, but polls have continually shown a voter preference to stick with the status quo.

I note the Herald went to union backed MMP campaigner Sandra Grey fro comment and didn’t ask for a comment from Vote for Change.

It now only takes about 2.5% of people to change and we can have a second referendum.

Not many people understand that this referendum sets up a second one. The MMP people would have you believe that this is die in a ditch time for them, but Simon Power generously gave them two chances to retain the system heavily favoured by the Greens, Labour and nine heavy hitting unions with all their cash and personnel.

I suspect as we get closer to the election and people see the dirty deals that are being played out and they watch as Winston Peters starts to go back on his word about deals that we may well see a Vote for Change.


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  • Mattyman

    Great news. Here’s hoping SM or PV can get ahead of FPP. Damn so many acronyms.

    • EX Navy Greg

      the chance of SM , PV . SM beating MMP or FPP are SFA because too many PC VIP’s who need to STFU or at the very least need to HTFU , are running things , IMHO…:)

  • RichardWatts

    MMP seems to work for New Zealand. We get relatively proportional parliaments with minority views supported as well as we have various smaller parties to cater to that need as well. We should try to adjust but we shouldn’t try to fix what works so well people. 

  • thesorrow&thepity

    The Dominion Post yesterday had some left wing political science hack trying to say how wonderful MMP is based on some half baked scale he made himself. Herald polls all seems heavily biased, I’m hearing closer to 3/4 voters want MMP gone but there will be A LOT of dirty underhanded tricks by the pro MMP cult as this election progress’s 

  • Gazzaw

    God forbid, even if MMP should stay we need to get rid of the ability to stand as an electorate MP and be on the list as insurance cover.  Our electorate gave labour a resounding thumping in 2008 and what happens? We still have Beaumont stumping around Maungakiekie as if its her personal fiefdom.  All list MPs whould be besed in Welington, Beaumont has far too much involvement with her local body sidekicks Northey & Brown.

  • Gazzaw

    Above should have read “All list MPs should be based in Wellington”

  • Anonymous

    It does seem hugely undemocratic that the people can vote an electorate MP out and then have them come back on the list, as a party hack.
    Looking back in history Fist Past the Post is the most easily understood and most democratic process 1 man 1 vote. And no raced based seats skewing the results in favor of a minority.
    If I remember rightly it was a National Government who played with the boundaries to get reelected on a minority vote, which kicked off the MMP juggernaut. With regret I did vote for MMP we should have fixed the system rather than throw it out.

  • Paulus

    Anybody who thinks that MMP will not be passed is illusional.
    This is New Zealand the home of the apathetic to anything which requires thinking about.