Goff lies, Ctd

Phil Goff has accused John Key of telling lies, he has refused to retract. In Phil Goff’s world if you say one thing in the past and then change your mind or do something different no matter the circumstances then you are telling lies.

Well since Phil Goff decided to ignore his own press about focussing on policy and not personality let’s continue the examination of Phil Goff’s lies using his own definition.

Phil Goff on Capital Gains Tax:

In September 2009 Phil Goff said that Capital Gains Tax was not an immediate priority. It didn’t appeal to Labour.

Now just two years later Capital Gains Tax is heroically going to fund their more than $17 billion of extra spending.

Using Phil Goff’s definition of lying, of saying one thing in the past and doing another thing in the future, despite changes in the economy, or global situation, then clearly Phil Goff is a liar.


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  • Anonymous

    Pinkos are allowed to lie. The right isn’t. LOL

  • JD

    In the video Phil Goff said he wouldn’t put a capital gains tax on peoples homes.

    Labour’s capital gains tax policy excludes peoples homes.

    So what is wrong with what he said?