Goff Lies, Ctd

Since Phil Goff has decided to make lies the focus of the campaign, let’s look at a Phil Goff lie each day from now until the election.

I have to ask if he was lying when he said:

Labour leader?Phil Goff?said if he was prime minister he wouldn’t have protection in Parliament or on private holiday – and he’d rather not have it while walking to the shops.

“It’s a case of sensible judgment when you’re in the precincts of Parliament and on holiday. It’s not necessary.”

But it is necessary when you go to Radio NZ and to the RSA?

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Of course it is relevant to point out previous lies about the DPS that Phil Goff has told. I blogged back in May this year when Phil Goff was making things up about the DPS.

They?ve?continued their petty attack on the PM?s security in this morning?s Herald, despite the Budget overspend being?larger under the last Labour Government?than it has been under National.

Worse for them, is?Phil Goff has waded in again, after previously saying?he?d kit out the DPS with Triumph motorbikes.

He commented this morning:

?It?s a case of sensible judgment when you?re in the precincts of Parliament and on holiday. It?s not necessary.?

Goff said he had seen the DPS bodyguards working in the corridors of Parliament and in Parliament?s gym ? an unprecedented development.

He?s clearly been set up.??Because he is dead wrong. Five photos attached ? and this was just a cursory search.? Labour should have researched this before allowing?their current Leader to lie to New Zealanders.

Goff gets it wrong

So?Clark?did have security with her in Parliament!

Phil Goff decided to play the nasty card, he decided to call John key a liar, well I can play that game and so I will every day for the rest of the campaign.