Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Another John Pagani favourite. It is called “Journey” and from the Bill Clinton campaign of 1992.

The biographical film ?The Man from Hope,? shown at the Democratic convention in 1992, took great advantage of two things: that Bill Clinton, the governor of Arkansas, was indeed born and raised in a town called Hope; and that a filmed record exists of the June 1963 Boys Nation leadership event at the White House, during which the young Bill Clinton met and shook hands with President John Kennedy. ?Journey? is an edited version of the convention film, and one of the most compelling biographical ads ever made. In his book?The Political Brain, Drew Westen summarizes the narrative arc of the ad: ?Through hard work, caring, and determination, I know what it?s like to live the American dream. In my home state, I?ve done everything possible to help others realize that dream. And as your president, I?ll do everything I can to help people all over this country realize their dreams like I?ve done in Arkansas.? The film was made by Harry Thomason and Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, television producers (Designing Women) who were good friends of the Clintons. Focus groups had shown that many voters perceived Clinton as an elitist career politician. The commercial emphasizes work, and carefully avoids mentioning the name of the Ivy League law school that Clinton attended?Yale.