Great Political Smackdowns

New series, feel free to send them in via the tipline:

Today is a smackdown from Democrat Barney Frank:


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  • DM

    Would be great to see some more of these!

  • Beans

    On this plus side, the fat economy-wrecking shit Frank is resigning, no doubt with a juicy taxpayer-funded pension.

  • Richard McGrath

    Cam, Barney Frank is state-worshipping slime of the highest order. This woman is right by the way. Hitler’s health policies were based around massive state intervention including an anti-tobacco campaign and banning smoking in all sorts of situations and places. Probably not smart to accuse a politician’s boss of Nazism when the politician is of Jewish ethnic origin. I wonder if he is Anne Frank’s nephew?

  • MrV

    Chris Cristie mildly smacks down Obama from a press conference held in a kitchen!