Green Vandals still at it

There has been more Green party-linked hoarding attacks last night in West Auckland.

Despite being busted and Russel Norman fessing up in the face of the evidence released on this blog they have not stopped.

National should lay complaints formerly with the Police and with the Electoral Commission.

Russel Norman’s executive assistant was donkey deep involved in this she needs to assist Police in identifying all the green operatives behind the continued vandalism.

I wonder too if Parliamentary Services needs to be involved to ascertain that their email servers weren’t used to facilitate this orchestrated, corrdinated nationawide attack on National’s billboards.

The Green party and the media went after the Exclusive Brethren and tracked down the printers and obtained invoices, why are they not doing the same here. Seems they are more interested in whether or not John Banks called Don Brash a “strange fellow” or not.

Meanwhile wanton, organised, expensive vandalism is being perpetrated but 50 or so green aligned activists with little or no media scrutiny.


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  • Petal

    The thing that disappoints me most about all this?  That being a person who votes for National immediately makes you an soul-less enemy without a moral compass.  Not a friend that has different ideas on what would be good for the country, but a person to be degraded, battled and defeated.

    We don’t run our families this way.  We don’t run our churches this way.  We don’t run our clubs this way.

    Why is it that politics has become so adversarial that people that like me in any other way will become upset with me when they realise I don’t share their politics?

    And why can’t political parties get together and work on electoral law or superannuation together?  Why is it that there is no consideration of what the other person says, and simply the fact they said something is enough for the other party to condemn it?

    Just for once I would like Goff, Key, Normal or Peters to say, “you know what?  That’s forms the basis of a decent idea, we should get together and see if we can make something happen”.

    Tui Ad.

    • Petal

      Normal = Norman.


      (PS:  That’s my angst post sorted for the month – back to our usual burning-them-at-the-stake program shortly.)

  • GPT

    I wish the National Policy was Drill it, Mine it, Sell it.

    • Petal

      Not quite to that extreme, but as an avid tramper, I am aware that most tracks and huts are there because people were mining at some stage.  There is nothing wrong with mining 0.2% of the conservation estate as long as they turn it all into nice recreational areas after they are done with it all.  Most people who tramp and are against mining are also so shortsighted as to forget by not getting xyz out of our own land, but still wanting an iPhone/car, or even Trains/Busses, means that they will pull xyz out of the earth somewhere else on the planet.  Short sighted idiots.

      • 6k944827

        What a load of bollocks. Most tracks and huts are there because of tramping clubs, DOC, and if any thing else the deer cullers.

  • Gtx

    I would actually be happy to pay more tax, but not to see it squandered like my current tax is. If only we had a system (dream on) whereby we had more say in government, in some proportion to the financial contrubution we make.  Meanwhile, I’ll stick to my own choices in philanthropy.

  • Kosh103

    It is intresting how old WO is trying to pretend that it is the Green Party politic that is out there doing it, when he knows it is not.

    National are not held responsable for the actions of all its supporters, so why are the right trying to lable Green party MPs/leaders as vandals? Could it be fear of how much support the Greens are getting?

    • Anonymous

      Judging by the content & spelling of your post Kosh you’re clearly not the sharpest troll to hit the blogosphere of late so I will quote the post s-l-o-w-l-y for you.

      “Green Party LINKED hoarding attacks”.

      There is clearly a link between the Green Party & the organised attack against the National billboards & that link is already in the public domain.

      On current performance Kosh you’re not a troll’s arsehole i’m afraid. Back to troll school for you.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – never let facts get in the way of a good lie eh rightwingers.

        • kevin

          The sign defacing activity isn’t ‘linked’ to any other party (apart from the Greens) is it?

          • Kosh103

            It is linked to Green supporters yes, but not The Green PARTY. WO is trying to implicate the MPs and leaders when that is just an outright lie.

          • greenmuppet

            You can’t disguise a turd with glitter. That shouldn’t stop you from trying. 

          • Kosh103

            You cant stop the right from telling lies, but that doesnt mean one shouldnt try anyway.

      • Anonymous


  • Beanyboy

    I thought of offering up the exterior of my business (Which is on a prominent corner site) for National to use for hoardings. But after Labour’s response to people who don’t support them I was worried about vandalism and retribution to decided against it, seems like that was a wise decision now.

  • Jester

    Im quite keen to get a National billboard erected on Bruce Emery’s fence. Now theres a guy who doesnt like taggers/vandals fucking with his shit.

    Lets see how keen Wussel and the gang are at defacing property after he chases them down the street with his kitchen knife.

    • Anonymous

      Not really interested in Jury duty but that is one case I would have liked to volunteer for. It would have been a very cold day in hell, before I found him guilty of anything accept being a local hero.

  • Honcho

    I dont get what their deal with hating on the Doc is, Dr Brash is a strange fellow, there is no denying that, I dont even think even he denys it. But hes also a very smart fellow, which given the current options as to who and how New Zealands future is shaped it might well prove to be the safest bet.

    The antics of the left have caused me to reconsider putting my vote in for the blue team, at the moment im giving yellow a serious chance.

    As for this nonsense still going on, it may well prove in the next few days to be the greens undoing, it shows the greens true colours, who really is amongst their flock and what sort of people will be riding into parliament under their current polling, Russel has done very well to keep the unwashed and ignorant (although they think of us as ignorant) out of the spot light and has done well to make his party look very responsible to the average new zealander. It must be disappointing for him to see the hard work he has put in be destroyed in a new york minute in the final few days before its up to the ballot booths.

    • BJ

      Don Brash is a polite inoffensive man. He doesn’t like the conflict of politics that is why he doesn’t engage in it and appears not that effective in debates BUT he sure knows what he is talking about so listen, I mean really listen to him sometime

  • Pharmachick

    For the love of God, will somebody PLEASE lay a complaint with the plod about vandalism & destruction of property?

  • greenmuppet

    I agree. Too many unanswered questions about the vandal attack.  It’s hard to keep a secret when 50 or so were involved. Just one or two were spanked in public, where are the rest? I refuse to believe Norman’s apologetic response hasn’t outraged at least some GP members. Worst of all the media has let it go, or it seems to be that way.

  • Alimonkey91

    Cameron you are bleating on like a harpooned Whale….  The fact is sometimes the truth hurts and the sticker campaign simply made Nats billboards a whole lot more transparent in their message…. the people who did it happened to be Green Party members but were completely unsanctioned by the Green Party. Stop trying to smear the Green Party if its a crime then let the police handle it… oh thats right they’re probably all tied up right now cover up John Keys Faux Pas.

    • ACtually I think National should adopt it as a policy. However you miss the point that it is illegal in a number of ways. Firstly it breaks the Electoral Finacne Act because it doesn’t have authorization. If you feel like you want to help Jolyon with his fines they are int he order of $40,000 for each charge…700 signs could add up.

      Secondly it breaks the Crimes Act in crimes against property…but that’s ok you’re fine with wanton law breaking.

    • Peter Wilson

      Of course there was no bleating when the Bretheren produced their unsanctioned effort illuminating GP policies eh?

      I’m getting a bit tired of parties that get to promise all the apple pie stuff without having to make the tough decisions. That’s why I have a lot of respect for the Maori Party.

      • Anonymous

        What tough decisions have the Maori party made. You obviously haven’t heard Pita wank on to his people about Maori separatism.

      • Unlike this week’s stickers Peter, the EB pamphlet DID have an authorisation, and none of the allegations made have ever been rebutted.

        Care to try again, or is one slap-down enough?

    • Peter Wilson

      Of course there was no bleating when the Bretheren produced their unsanctioned effort illuminating GP policies eh?

      I’m getting a bit tired of parties that get to promise all the apple pie stuff without having to make the tough decisions. That’s why I have a lot of respect for the Maori Party.

  • Anonymous

    $40,000 * 700 = 28,000,000 never happen. If and it is a big IF you could get the Police interested. The Courts would probably feel sorry for the fool and convict and discharge.

  • Anonymous

    $40,000 * 700 = 28,000,000 never happen. If and it is a big IF you could get the Police interested. The Courts would probably feel sorry for the fool and convict and discharge.

  • Sooty

    Does it come out of the Greens advertising budget?

  • max_power

    I think the Nats may calculate that another police complaint might just make some people think they’re using the police to win the election, however surely a complaint to the Electoral Commission is in order here.

    It’s a very sneaky way to conduct democracy isn’t it, given the Greens portray themselves as good, kind people who would never hurt anyone or anything deliberately.

    Their problem is that inside themselves lurks an angry vicious ruthless monster with a big hurt in his tummy, who lashes out at the enemies cos they have to pwotect the victims.

    This is honestly how every single Gween voter sees the world. They honestly genuinely believe their “victim” be it the poor, the gay, the blacks, the eviwonment, is genuinely beset upon by ruthless nasty people (white men, usually) who rape, pillage, oppress and tread on their “victim” at every opportunity. Furthermore they think those doing the besetting do it with malice aforethought and with great glee.

    Now if one really truly honestly believes the world does in fact work like that then one is at war and every tactic is justified and this is why they do things like this.

    The fact its demonstrably wrong by virtue merely of living life itself never seem to appear in their consciousness. So they build this model of oppression in their heads early in life and they see it everywhere, in legislation, in commerce, trade, the markets, the factories. They really think it’s there on a 24/7/365 basis and they must stop it.

    And isn’t that completely fucking round-the-twist mental. But nevertheless apparently 1.2 in ten people really do think like that, in this country.