Has Robyn Malcolm cost the Green Party Votes

The Greens have been carefully cultivating an image of pragmatism, reality and non nuttiness in a good play to win more votes from middle New Zealand.

Like other parties their polling and focus groups will have told them that attacking John Key was a really good way to lose votes, and unlike Labour their politicians have been disciplined in not attacking the most popular Prime Minister in New Zealand history.

Unfortunately for the Greens, one of their unelected stars, Robyn Malcolm, got way off message attacking John Key in an over the top partisan outburst. She completely overshadowed the Greens campaign launch and put the boot into the Greens chances of being considered a moderate party.

If the Greens don?t get over 10% the person to blame is Robyn Malcolm. If the Greens want to make sure this kind of mistake doesn?t happen in the future they should make their celebrity candidates run for office so they understand that competing for the 10% of the Green vote is bloody hard work. Having an egomaniac actress costing you votes must be soul destroying for the very disciplined, politically competent Green Party leaders.

Obviously I support the Greens about as much as turkeys support christmas, but it doesn?t mean that I can’t admire the hard work that the leaders have put in to make them seem moderate and electable. This hard work has been undone by one speech by one marginally talented actress.