Herald supports making National the Natural Party of Opposition

No longer can we say our media is non-partisan. This election the NZ Herald mainly through its sister publication the Herald on Sunday has had a shameful selection of coverage and?blatant?attempts to affect outcomes. Today the Herald’s editorial comes out supporting MMP. It also comes out to support the left?s dream scenario of minor parties having to get 5% to get list MPs.

This situation, unique to our form of MMP, could be solved in large part if parties always had to secure at least 5 per cent of the party vote – irrespective of any electorate wins – to gain list seats.

What this means, in really simple terms, is National will have no coalition partners after 2014 if MMP is retained. It will have independents like Peter Dunne and John Banks. Only the Greens have made the 5% threshold in the last two elections, and only the Greens will make the 5% threshold again. A review that makes this change means that 2014 National will be without coalition partners.

If MMP is retained National will have no coalitions partners and will become the Natural Party of Opposition. John Key needs to realise that this referendum is a partisan battle that he needs to win or he is screwed, and only he can alter the outcome.

If John Key wants to be Prime Minister after 2014 he needs to give the same kind of speech David Cameron gave.