Herald/Digipoll out, Bad for Labour

The latest NZ Herald/Digipoll is out. This is a far more reputable poll with a good history and certainly not like some other dodgy polls out there.

The bad news for Labour is that the people aren’t listening:

Labour’s support has slipped in the first week of the election campaign to below 30 per cent, in the latest DigiPoll survey released this afternoon.

Labour is on 29.1 per cent, the first time Labour has been in the 20s in the 12 years the?Herald?has been running DigiPoll surveys.

The poll will be running weekly until the election.

Labour’s fall of 1.2 points over the week may not be much of a fall but it will be a psychological blow for the party to fall below 30 per cent.

…Mr Key is preferred Preferred Prime Minister on 70.6 per cent, the same as last week, and support for Labour leader Phil Goff has slipped from 13.7 per cent last week to 11.7 this week.

The full results are:

National 54.2 (up 0.7 from last week)
Labour 29.1 (down 1.2)
Greens 10.1 (up 0.6)
Maori Party 1.9 (up 0.7)
NZ First 1.7 (down 1.1)
Conservatives 1.1 (up 1.1)
Act 0.9 (down 0.6)
United Future 0.5 (up 0.4)
Mana 0.1 (no change)