Hiding Poll results

The Herald on Sunday deliberate camapign against nationala dn john Key continued today with their obfuscation of a poll they commissioned.

They buried the poll results into an article that on?the?surface looks like an attack?piece?on Key.

The Key Research poll, conducted for the?Herald on Sunday, also showed the National Party had a commanding lead over other parties – enough to govern alone.

The poll was taken over four days and found?National had 55.6 per cent support?among those polled, more than double the?26.2 per cent polled by the Labour Party.

The Green Party was next on 11.3 per cent, followed by New Zealand First on 3.6 per cent.

The Act Party is wallowing on 0.5 per cent and its hopes hang on the Epsom seat deal, which was the subject of the “tea party” between Banks and Key.

The duplicity of some of our media has been laid bare this past week.