How conservation and hunting go hand and hand


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  • Pete George

    Interesting – but I thought by the heading this could have been about the NZ party that promotes conservation and environment working together with hunting, fishing and outdoor interests. If United Future get just one more MP a strong advocate for this will be injected into parliament. Hunting and fishing groups are in strong support.

    • Jester

      Hi Pete
      Being a manager of a large company that has many employees falling into the hunt/fish category, I am always surprised that UF doest get more mileage. Why is that?
      I may have answered my own question when I say that I would vote UF if I believed that the conservation policies as good as they are will just not get recognized by Nat or Lab.

  • Monique Watson

    My first reaction WTF? Why are they shooting quail? Wouldn’t they explode? I guess they’re a big variety.
    The media doesn’t give UF as much mileage as they could because they’re a little too interested in pursuing tabloid journalism. It’d be great if the Big Game Council was fully enacted by a deal with UnitedFuture. DOC currently treats thar and deer as pests when they could be managed as a resource, giving our nation’s boys something to do other than offing themselves or driving their cars into their mates cars.

  • Anonymous

    I totally love quail shooting. Monique you have to use a very small gauge shotgun and very fine shot, and have superior dog. Its highly challenging and they are super tasty.