How low can they go?

Labour are on the slide still. TVNZ has released their latest One News Colmar Brunton poll and the news isn’t good for Labour:

This is the second poll that shows Labour well under 30%. They will be consulting their playbook tonight for a new series of dirty tricks, it is all they have left in the kit bag.

Labour seem to be playing the Limbo game now, like a bunch of muppets. How low can they go?


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  • thor42

    Labour at 28% – that bloody high?  Darn it.  I was hoping that they’d be around 22% or so. 

  • Mattyman

    If the conservatives can get .5 with absolutely no policy, I wonder what they could get if they actually put some effort into policy. Saw a lot of conservative + paul young hoardings in the Botany/Pakuranga area.

    • That would be Paul young formerly of the Beijing funded new citizens party before they folded after their founder was arrested on fraud charges.

  • Anonymous

    Labour are that pathetic that even if a poll came in with 8% support, they would still be in denial… There is a total melt down of the cluster fuck that is Labour, but still no acceptance that the Labour party based on the 1950’s is not going to work….

    Well done Trevor & Phil…. The gift that keeps giving…

  • Liberty

    More good news


    Labour down to 21.2% in westcoast tasman.   Which
    was  labours heartland 

    • thor42

      Great stuff!  Good to hear that!  
      Those Coasters know Labour bullshit when they see it! 

    • Gazzaw

      The  old West Coaster unionists will be turning in their graves watching their beloved Labour Party betrayed by the likes of Goff, Cunliffe, Mallard et al. It must be heartbreaking for a good bastard like Damian O’Sullivan.

  • whalewatcher

    they’ve had 3 years to ‘revitalise’ and the inertia is really paying off.

    Leadership potential?
    Silent T – tosser. Just look back to his poor performance during the Hawkes Bay DHB debacle in 2008. Very nasty, vicious partisanism at the time. No Churchill here..

    David something else . Who? Can’t remember his surname. looks like a weasel..

    Chauvel.. excuse me while I vomit. Mincerman is unpalatable to us ‘normal’ Kiwis. One of the biggest troughers ever, and unpleasant to the nuclear family as proven on his Air NZ domestic connection back from the Sydney Mardi Gras  2 years ago.

    Good luck Labour. You’re gonna need it. Your MPs are all tossers

  • It’s looking promising people – total annihilation of the nasty party could be on the cards! Interestingly the media has plastered the poll everywhere yet Red Alert is silent; love to see how their denial and delusion gets them out of this one!

    Btw, anyone know which left wing blog has blamed the Pike River deaths on National? Saw something mentioned on Kiwiblog… doubt it was someone from the Standard (aka lack of standards)?

    • lovinthatchangefeeling

      It could be Bumber Bradbury, the useful village idiot of the rabid leftards,
      who thinks that he is a primo media and politics don.


      After interviewing his MacBook Pro, he came out with this: ‘How’s that change feeling folks? I’m
      getting a lot of feedback from people who voted for Key who are now furious
      with their decisions and I think there’s a real chance National could go in the


      Bumber also has said: ‘the Polls
      are bullshit brainfarts, we are never told if the Polls use phone lines or
      mobile, we don’t know when people were called, how many callbacks and most
      importantly what the weighting of the polls are. The danger with Polls is if
      they are repeated enough they become self fulfilling, we shouldn’t let David
      Farrar dictate the political subconscious of NZ.’


      So we should expect a Poll reversal November 26?

  • P.s I would have chosen the Greece (movie) clip for ‘how low can you go’ (born to handjive –

  • Apolonia

    Interesting that the Conservatives haven’t gone down in any of the polls. Obviously peaking at the right time.

  • EX Navy Greg

    Chris Trotter makes a good point about polls on his ( very good ) blog.

    Don’t agree with Chris usually ,but his reasoned arguments are worth a read, IMHO.