How TV3 recruited their “Undecided” Panel

TV3 have been busted as have Labour with Labour plants in the supposedly “undecided” worm panel.

Here is how they recruited their panel of “undecided” voters….via email…to known political activists.

Hi Everyone,

We are inviting people to attend the TV3  leaders debate on 21st November in the studio in Eden Terrace. I have blind copied this email to ensure your privacy.

We are putting together an audience from a range of backgrounds to attend the debate. It starts at 5.45 pm and finishes at about 8pm. All those attending get $70 to cover travel costs and  any expenses incurred.

Refreshments  will be provided and I am sure it will be an interesting evening for those who go.
If this sounds like something you would like to do please send me a reply with the best day time phone number to contact you on and I will give you a call in the next day or so.

If you have friends you think would like to go to this please feel free to forward this email to them.

All the best

Random? Nope. Undecided? Not likely. Orchestrated and manipulated by political activists…you bet.

This is a major credibility failure from TV3 and from Roy Morgan. It makes a mockery now of headlines that include any reference to the worm.


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  • mickysavage

    Range of backgrounds eh?  Obviously you are upset that left wingers should be considered to be one of a possible range of backgrounds.

    • Phronesis

      Not really, just surprised that even labour activists are undecided who they will vote for but given how bad things are for labour I guess I shouldn’t be!

  • Richard

    MediaWorks at it again! They should be supporting the national government after they gave them a loan so they could secure there radio frequencies.

  • Anonymous

    In his opening comments John Campbell waxed lyrical about how the “undecided” voters had been carefully chosen to match the general population by age, sex, gender etc. Adding the association with the Roy Morgan organisation suggested extra credibility – and *this* was their scientific selection method??? 

  • Jester

    Interesting to see James Murray at 3 news is following clintyminty on Twitter.

  • Euan Rt

     “It makes a mockery now of headlines that include any reference to the worm”.
    Not only reference to the worm I would suggest. Rather severely makes a mockery of any of their political reporting. I am lost for words….very unhappy!

  • Any idea who the email went to? Was is specifically sent to left-wing people? Or to those on both sides? Doesn’t seem like some grand Labour conspiracy, just some spectacularly bad planning by someone.

    • The email was sent to members of Young [insert political party here]

  • Guest
  • Agent BallSack

    “Director of 3 News Mark Jennings said the infiltration does not reflect well on the Labour Party.
    “It appears a few Labour Party activists may have snuck through our screening system,” he said.  
    Read more:—Kiwiblog/tabid/419/articleID/233504/Default.aspx#ixzz1eKiOBvfD”

    • Sars

      Wow…that’s a pretty damning quote from Mark Jennings. I’m sure we’d all like some expansion on that comment and an explanation about how it was allowed to happen. 

      I think I touched on this in a comment on another thread; nothing is truly independent any more and one or all sides will find a way to corrupt the process. 

      • Agent BallSack

        I’m not so sure policy can transcend political divide anymore. Unless of course it affects a minority. We all touch other points within threads, hopefully it is how we expand upon thoughts…ideas? I hope. 

        • Sars

          Unfortunately, it is the role of MSM to provide independent and objective analysis of the political landscape and they are sorely lacking. It would be a much cleaner election, I believe, if the MSM did not allow or perpetuate gutter politics. Politicians will use any tool available to them to advance their cause and when the MSM picks up trash stories and runs with them without any insightful analysis they allow politicians to push the boundaries of what is acceptable further out. 

          When I read a political article, I do not want to hear the writers ‘voice’ in the text. I want a straight forward analysis of the facts and to be given the opportunity to draw my own conclusions. This seems far too difficult a task for most journalists and would be why the majority of political articles on MSM websites are either blogs or editorials. They become an opinion piece, rather than a vehicle with which to convey fact rather than opinion. 

          • Agent BallSack

            Facts are boring. Titillation is the norm. That could be why we are here. If you find that site/paper/twitfeed let me know, I need some damn interesting news.

    • Really? I think it reflects badly on whoever organised the panel in the first place. If they didn’t even google the participants… 

      And if the email quoted above is true then the whole thing is ridiculous and reflects incredibly poorly on 3 News and/or Roy Morgan.

  • Tristanb

    When I imagine how these things are organised I picture vast databases of voters, anonymised IDs, random-number generators, complex algorithms for age and sex matching participants, special mathematical models to get a representative sample for the country, and modern statistical methods that would impress Einstein.

    I never thought the reality would be: “hey, forward this email to ur m8s and join the deb8 on 3News tonight. Txt ‘3news deb8’ to 222 to join.”

    • Agent BallSack

      I was going for an empty jug in a pub but we’ll give your idea a go

  • Kosh103

    Watching the debate now on MySky. Good lord Key tells some lies. It is no wonder he is doing so badly. I dont think he has said a true thing yet, and I am only about 10 mins in.

    • Ratchet

      Try removing your head from your arse so you can actually HEAR what he’s saying….

      • MikeMan

        Stop feeding the troll.  If we ignore him he might go away

        • Kosh103

          The truth never goes away, no matter how much the right might want it to.

          • Agent BallSack

            THATS why National remains in Government

          • Mort

            if you are insinuating that National are on the Right side of the political spectrum, then you are sadly mistaken

      • Kosh103

        I am hearing what he is saying. Lying about education, lying about tax cuts, lying about the cost of living. Quoting numbers and pretending reports both Goff and he has seen say something other than what they do.

        And it is clear the people listening and using the worm are not buying it either.

        Although I will ask – what the hell was the point of the at home worm? It didnt seem to do a thing most of the time. Pointless really.

        • Agent BallSack

          Home worm = truth. Labour liar worm = false. 

          • Kosh103

            Given the home worm was more postive for Goff than Key,(when it moved) have it your way.

          • Agent BallSack

            Yet….whats his preferred PM rating? 8%? Face it and move over Kosh. You need National to exist. Perhaps even keep your job? Stop bitching and turn blue.

          • Kosh103

            I care about people too much to vote National.

          • Mort

            What a sanctimonious git!
            I suppose you think philanthropist millionaires are all evil bastards who must have stolen someone else’s’ stuff to get where they were and are only giving it away to assuage their conscience.
            Leftists are so full of crap when they think they have a monopoly on caring.
            Nice results from you ever so caring natures…

            Your brand of caring results in welfare dependency, family breakdown, child bashings and Murders, despondency, increased suicide, substance abuse / addiction, and worst of all, because your caring involves bribing people with someone else’s money, and the Govt can only take so much off the productive few before they vote with their feet or just give up, they have to borrow from overseas…. so your caring is actually enslaving the generation to be born in 2030 to creditor nations, and if your caring buddies in Europe manage to get their way then a financial meltdown will push the interest rates to 20% so that 2030 generation will be joined by their children too.

          • chrisp

            first time I’ve heard someone call their cock called “people”

          • Notrotsky

            Kosh 108 is Colonial Viper who spends his every waking hour felching labour at such venues as the standard and Red Alert – if you don’t like his drivel here. i suggest you trollspam the shite out of him at those two sites.

        • BJ

          substantiate what you are saying “show me the figures” Be specific or stop ranting

          • Kosh103

            My my, not liking the truth.

    • BJ

      name one of his lies

      • Kosh103

        See above.

        • Agent BallSack

          Name the lie or refer the post. *See Above* is what you accuse Key of doing. 

        • BJ

          Be specific qualify your accusation Kosh

    • Guest

      I thought you would have cast aside the trappings of capitalism Kosh?

      How’s the chardoney btw?

      • Kosh103

        I think money is just peachy keen.

        But there is a fair system and then there is Keys system.

        • Guest

          With an attitude like that no wonder they arseholed you out of the strandard blog and your now spending all your time over here.

          • Kosh103

            Ummm, I have never posted over at the Standard.

            Not a single time.

            What is the point preaching to the converted? Rather boring.

          • Notrotsky

            You’ve never posted over at the Standard as Kosh103 but you post there as Colonial Viper and before that as Loota all the time.

          • Kosh103

            Sorry, no I havent.

            But then you will say otherwise because right wingers cannot accept that lefties tell the truth more than the right does.

    • Agent BallSack

      Enjoy. It gets bad for Labour right about now. Oh and when Goff says he would go with Winston. After that its really bad for Labour supporters.

    • Peter Wilson

      How would you “say a true thing?” Isn’t a thing an object? It would be like saying, “I saw a true car today”

    • chrisp

      no Kosh, thats YOUR guy telling lies, ….
      I know its hard to tell without seeing him billboards etc.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO – another right winger scared by the truth.

  • greenmuppet

    I am sure someone Kosh has already mentioned. Just watched the Tv3 news, they have admitted that undecided audience was anything but undecided. 

    • Gazzaw

      Could be another own goal then?

    • Kosh103

      After listening to Key and his lies and smugness I doubt they are undecided anymore.

      • BJ

        substantiate your accusations or be still

        • Kosh103

          I have. See above.

          • Agent BallSack

            See Above

          • BJ

            Listing topics in not helping me understand your accusation at  all because your statement is void and empty just like the cupboard will be if Labour got anywhere near it

  • steve

    Why did the Ad breaks seem to only show the Labour and Greens election ads.Any chance of bias on TV3s part.May answer above infiltration. 

  • Euan Rt

    Who was the email from? TV3 or Roy Morgan?

    • Sars

      Roy Morgan on behalf of TV3? Maybe TV3 will kick Roy Morgan into touch for not screening ‘undecided’ voters properly

      • BJ

        The worm’s a lemon anyway. Who buys in to this crock about it reflecting the favoured debater? It only shows response to the emotive words used thats all.

  • Evan Johnson

    Is this nothing more than an anti-Labour Party forum?  Does National need all this help>

    • Kosh103

      In order to keep the lie alive they do.

    • Sars

      Hey we also don’t like Winston Peters!
      Seriously though, this is a right wing site so most of the people commenting are likely to be National supporters. It’s not really constructive or relevant to the conversation to make a comment like yours. You could try something like:’If you put aside the issues surrounding the worm panel selection process [because even if you don’t agree that it’s an issue, you still want to make a constructive comment and by putting that aside for a minute you are more likely to get a decent response] – what else do you think went wrong for John Key tonight?’ [Because realistically, the home worm was pretty neutral and John Key is polling much higher than Phil Goff in preferred PM stakes so you would expect the home worm to reflect that]See, I’m a National supporter and I came up with that. If you are a Labour supporter perhaps you could share with us something that you think John Key does do well? If you come back and say he does nothing well then you are not here for discussion, you are here for…well…I don’t know…something non-constructive and pointless.  

      • Sars

        Same challenge to you too Mr Kosh103

        • Kosh103

          He smiles and waves well.

          But you, like so many, have demonstrated that at the moment National is a personality cult. And frankly seeing as National the party has changed its views on things very little since the 80s, it is Key they are voting for, not National.

          Key himself promotes himself well and thats about it. National however does do law and order well.

          Try looking beyond Key and at the party you say you support. Because  one day Key will be gone.

          • Sars

            See you aren’t even interested in discussion at all. You have said nothing about John Key or the National Party policies and if you are so indoctrinated in Labour party hate that you think everything National has done is bad then, frankly, you are not representative of the voting majority and you reflect poorly on the party you support. You just come over here to try and score points and wind people up – is that what you think politics is all about? You don’t even seem capable of a rational discussion of the pros and cons of a leader you don’t support. 

          • Sars

            I take it back, you said that National does law and order well. I’m sorry I missed that.

            Please give us the benefit of the doubt that we have made an informed decision on who we support politically and it is unlikely that comments on an anonymous forum like this are going to change either of our minds. I have my reasons for supporting National and you have your reasons for supporting Labour. Every ruling party needs opposition but specific and well constructed arguments are the order of the day, not blanket statements like ‘John Key will be gone’ etc. 

            I think that Labour’s initiative to subsidise apprentices is a winner. Especially given the large numbers of skilled tradesmen that will be needed to rebuild Christchurch. I don’t think anyone will disagree that Labour have campaigned controversially, if not poorly, this election. I think that politics within their own party has contributed to this – do you agree?

  • Blackboxchch

    There are plenty of people who will be swayed by that worm. This is blatant manipulation by TV3, is there any requirement that they show some amount of balance?  Who to complain to?

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  • Jam_Sammie

    If this blog were a western movie people would be shooting at 103’s feet..Dance for us little troll, it amuses us!