How will it ever work?

Let’s look at how Phil Goff is supposed to form a government and try and work out if it is at all possible.

Winston peters says he won’t work with anyone. We know this to be a lie of course. But let us imagine for a moment that Winston told the truth. Phil Goff can’t therefore turn to him should he make 5%.

So the math is G=LP-WP. Not looking goo so far.

We know the Greens will work with Labour. That makes the math G=LP+GP-WP

We know that Phil Goff says he won’t work with Hone Harawira…interesting turn of phrase…will he work with Mana without Hone Harawira as it’s leader, and is Phil Goff actually saying that he will turn down government if he has to rely on Hone Harawira. Let’s take Phil Goff at his word, since he says he doesn’t lie [cough]

That make the math look like this: G=(LP+GP) – (Mana+WP)

On current polling averages that is: 50=(26.5+12.9)-(0.9+3.2) 0r 50=39.4-4.1 or 50=35.3

As you can see the equation doesn’t add up. In order to make government which is on or about 50% of the vote Labour are still 14.7% short of 50%.

That means in the last week of the election Labour needs a swing of more than 7% against the government in order to have the?possibility?of forming a government. Worse, that swing has to land in the Green and Labour camps for it to do any good. If it goes to Winston Peters or Mana that makes Phil Goff’s job harder for forming a government.

Of course though, we know Winston Peters will lie and so a vote for Winston Peters is a vote for a Phil Goff led government. When Winston says NO we know he means yes.

We can also see why we must get rid of MMP and Vote for Change and for a system that removes all this?nonsense?once and for all.