Is Shane Jones Advising?

Some Auckland?University?researchers have landed the dream job:

Auckland researchers have been awarded almost $800,000 to study pornography.

The $790,000 study by University of Auckland staff will look at the relationship between pornographic movies and people’s real lives, examine our views on it, how it reflects and impacts society, and will include studies on young men and women, an art exhibition, an interactive website and a public symposium.

The project is one of 88 nationwide to receive a slice of $53.8 million handed out in Marsden Fund Grants last month.

The fund is regarded as a ”hallmark of excellence” which allows New Zealand’s top researchers to explore their ideas.

When the grants were publicly announced, the pornographic study wasn’t among those highlighted and on a full-list of grants it is innocuously described as a project examining ”public engagement towards a more inclusive and equitable society”.