Kick in the guts for Labour

TVNZ have released their latest poll and it is grim reading for Labour. Phil Goff told us last week that his Super policy was a “game changer”, he told us when he released his capital?gains?tax that the policy was going to be a “game changer” too.

Well it looks like Phil Goff isn’t even in this game.

Labour has made the running in this election campaign.

Its policies of introducing a capital gain tax, compulsory KiwiSaver and raising the retirement age have been both brave and considered and they amount to a genuine alternative economic policy.

That has counted for precisely nothing.

That is the message from the One News/Colmar Brunton poll out tonight.

Labour made a strategically smart decision to focus their campaign on serious policy rather than have Phil Goff compete with John Key in a popularity contest.

That did not mean an absence of leadership.

Goff showed he could foot it with Key in the first leaders’ debate on TV One.

But again, nothing.

Probably because instead of doing what they promises and focussing on policy they instead went personal and they went nasty.

The numbers from TVNZ tell the picture for Labour and their strategy:

National: 56% with no change from the previous poll.
Labour : 30% up 1%
Greens: 9% unchanged
New Zealand: ?2.2%
Maori Party:?1.3%
Act: 0.9%
Mana Party: 0.3%
United Future: 0.1%.