Labour’s Good Fellow Policy

Labour has decided to splurge some more taxpayers cash on some of their pet projects, this one being Women’s refuge:

Labour has pledged to increase funding of Women’s Refuge by $700,000 a year, saying funding cuts by National was setting back family violence help.

Labour’s social development spokeswoman Annette King said National talked about increasing the “front line” but had cut $382,000 from the funding for the Women’s Refuge safe houses. It also cut $300,000 in contracts some refuges had to deliver family violence and child advocate work, she said.

“We keep hearing Paula Bennett talking about ‘wrapping’ support around people. If she is so serious about keeping this country’s most vulnerable citizens safe, cutting funding to crisis refuges is hardly the right way to go about it.”

Ms King made the announcement during a visit to the Women’s Refuge headquarters in Wellington.

She said running safe houses cost $30,000 a day.

Social development minister Paula Bennett has previously argued that it gave extra funding to the centres for front line services.

What a bunch of good fellows those Labour folk are for putting up more money to help bashed women.


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    Tsk tsk, Cameron. ;)

  • Anonymous

    It’s costed, right? I mean, the day after the Show Me The Money debate, Cunliffe hastily threw together a spreadsheet with the costings for Labour’s policies. He wouldn’t leave anything off it, would he? Oh that’s right, Labour has since come up with more methods to buy votes. Guess they’ll have to add more to the Borrow From China column.