Len’s lefty mates on the payroll singing for their supper

Well, well, well, three holes in the ground, what do we have here?

It turns out that Robyn Malcolm, the shrill harpy who has been lashing John Key, has landed herself a nice gig at Auckland Council to shill for the council’s recycling plans.

Use of such a partisan left-wing face in a ratepayer funded campaign is unwise at the minimum, and begs many questions of who thought it was a good idea to give Robyn Malcolm the job, which I presume, she isn’t doing for free out of her love for environmental sustainability. (There might be a LGOIMA request in there somewhere).

I hope that Len isn’t putting lefty mates on the council payroll, only for them to turn around and show their gratitude by attacking the government in the middle of an election.

I’m sure that’s not the case, but appearances are very important in politics.

If we want all Aucklanders to feel good about the council’s new plans for recycling, then it’s time to dump the shrill left-wing harpy and find a new face that will inspire people, rather than cause revulsion and distrust.