Lesbian kick boxer leads Scottish Tory party

The Scottish Tory party has a new leader:

Ruth Davidson is the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives after its members narrowly rejected her main opponent?s plan to disband and start a new right-wing party.

The 32-year-old former BBC journalist edged out Murdo Fraser by only 566 votes in the bad-tempered contest after he argued the Tory brand was too mistrusted north of the Border for the party ever to succeed.

But Miss Davidson, who is openly gay and a kick boxer, said she will unite the deeply-divided party and attract new support from sections of Scottish society that have stopped listening to the Conservatives.

The result marks the culmination of a remarkably rapid political ascent. She joined the party two years ago and only won election as a Glasgow MSP in May after the Tories? first-choice candidate was forced to stand down over his financial history.

What’s the bet she can say gay marriage unlike Charles Chauvel and Grant Robertson.