Live Chat – Do it again?

Cactus and I enjoyed the live chat….we had well over a 1000 readers online for two and half hours. We tried to get thru all the questions but there were over 700.

If any didn’t get through it wasn’t because we were censoring them. When I said ask me anything I meant it.

Anyway do my readers think it was worthwhile and should I do this again? If so how often? Weekly? Fortnightly? Monthly?


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  • Hollyfield

    Loved it, do it again. 

  • Anonymous

    Cam, it was great and went well from my opinion. Some very amusing questions, along with some of the usual pinko shit, but hey.

    Be great to see this done again.

    Great work as always

  • Anonymous

    Yup it was awesome. the friday after the election could be good to do it again

  • nekminnit1983

    was great cam! Do it again.

  • Anonymous

    It was great but it would be good to have it in real time. I posted but by the time my post appeared it was such a long time later that it made no sense. If you are not censoring/moderating is there a way to have it all show up in real time like a normal chat room?

  • Jimmie

    Perhaps make it random or during a period of intense political interest or something – keeps the sense of novelty

  • Was great. Do it again. No set time, just when you think you want to.

    Didn’t realise there was such a lag between posting & question appearing, thought it was like a real chat room.

    • It can’t possibly operate like a real chat room…there were over 1600 people reading the chat…any answers would have been drowned out. The questions come in and Cactus and I went through them one after the other until we had sued up 2 and half hours

      • Realise that now, just didn’t know how it operated beforehand. All good now.

      • Ben Ross

        All good, honestly thought my work connection was sucking as usual but it wasn’t
        1600? – one word – IMPRESSIVE and more people than the entire Labour Party membership perhaps? ;)

  • greenmuppet

    Thumbs up. I loved the pace of it. Frequency doesn’t matter so much. I agree with Jimmie about the random frequency to give it an element of surprise. It was awesome to have CK on the chat.

    A bit disappointed Kosh & Micky weren’t featuring as they always have something intelligent to say :-)

  • Stroker08

    Only if you filter out repeat questions.

  • Jester

    Was great Cameron, also appreciated CK ‘s input as well. She sounds like a pretty cool chick.

  • Anonymous

    It was great!  Not worried about the frequency – just whenever you feel like it.  Filtering out repeated questions (there were a few of them) could be a good idea. 

  • David

    Brilliant, do it again

  • Pete

    Top stuff mate. Good mix of insight and wit so yup, do it again – maybe every couple of months though. Mixing up a couple of contributers lightens the load – get pingu on next time for a laugh.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Was a cracker cam. Yep, more please as and when you have the time. Pity Kosh and Micky weren’t around, I would have loved to see them get a right royal spanking from you both. Thanks to Cactus the humor. 

  • kehua

    Excellent forum Cam/Kate, really enjoyed the Q and A`s, maybe quarterly would be a good plan.

  • Pharmachick


  • bb

    how about half yearly?