Live Chat lies from Winston

Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Marys Bay was on the NZ Herald Live Chat and as is usual from him he lied through his teeth:

This is an outright lie from the get go.

Refunding Parliamentary Services for illegal spending isn’t a gift. National paid back its GST oversight with a donation of paid airtime for community groups. Those community groups actually got the benefit of National’s refund. In stark contrast the NBR shows that Winston’s “gift” was nothing more than a sham. Worse he manipulated a victim of crime for his own political purposes.

Winston Peters has much to answer for. The problem is the man can’t tell the truth. When he says anything yo simply can’t trust him.


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  • callumb

    I asked him this (btw – my real name is not Mike) – its a shame that they didn’t post my other questions… 

  • Liberty


    That wasn’t the only porky


    Comment From Arnold

    Given your inability to constructively work with any

    throughout your time in parliament why should we vote for
    you – surely

    NZ needs stability to get through the next three years.


    Winston Peters:

    That is false and I hold a letter from a former Prime
    Minister to

    rebut that nonsense

  • Catweasel321

    Suddenly Winston merits denouncing. Its official then, he has the Nats worried. 

  • michaels

    It’s Winston of course he lies, that’s what he does.

  • kayaker

    He’s a shocker.

  • Sooty

    Has Susan Couch ever been paid her money.

  • WhaleWaste

    Oh crap thought i hit the “i am obsessed with winston page” ZZZzzzz GET REAL! YOUR TELLING ME THAT ALL POLITICIANS ARE WONDERFUL ANGELS WHO DON’T TELL FIBS?? PFFFFTTTT!  how many cup-of-tea sit-ins have you had lately?

  • Lisa

    Talking about The Susan Couch Charitable Trust – isn’t one of the Trustees, from memory, Bryan Henry (now isn’t he Mr Peters’ Lawyer ? Hmmmmm). All completely legit I’m sure as is everything Mr Peters is involved in.

  • Jester

    Ummm…something’s missing here.

    Where the interest on the money?$80k held but no interest that’s some poor investment advice if that’s the case.