More dirty tactics

The Standard is promoting the illegal activity of an Epsom leftwinger who scanned one of Paul Goldsmith’s business cards and has blown it up into small sing sized printouts and been posted them about Epsom.

They then lay in wait for Paul Goldsmith to come and remove the signs taking photos of him.

He is ewven boasting about his illegal activity in the comments:

TV3 has now picked up the story and they don’t appear to have contacted Paul Goldsmith for comment.

It might also have escaped the media that these are not authorised signs of Paul Goldsmith rather they are illegal copies being passed off by a left winger using Paul Goldsmith’s authorisation illegally.

Legally Paul Goldsmith is obliged to remove signs that he hasn’t authorised.

Of course TV3 isn’t averse to their own bit of secret filming and?subterfuge. Have a look at what they did for Halloween. They sneakily filmed MPs and rated their generosity.

How low has 3News sunk? Resorting to sneaky recordings of MPs…oh wait they are also in possession of a sneaky recording of John Key and John Banks. Are they really going to say that the recording was accidental?