Much closer in Epsom, give Banks the vote

Epsom is following the pattern of the last two elections. We have the media and their left wing hangers on all predicting the demise of the ACT party. Yet the pattern is the same with the polls in Epsom closing.

3 News and NBR have released a poll that shows that John Banks has closed the gap to just 6 points.

A poll of 500 voters in tomorrow’s National Business Review shows:

  • National?s Paul Goldsmith still in the lead with 46 percent
  • Banks is trailing on 37 percent
  • Labour’s David Parker is well back on 12 percent
  • While David Hay of the Greens is on 3.3 percent

It is clear that Labour and the Greens have done a dirty deal to encourafge their voters to vote for Paul Goldsmith. This is cunning long term thinking, something which National has shown a distinct lack of. If the Greens and Labour planners get their way and maniupulate voters of Epsom into electing Paul Goldsmith and National voters follow along with Trevor Mallard’s strategy then National’s only coalition partner truly of the right will be killed off.

This make the situation in this election very parlous indeed where National, the most popular party by a long way at more than double Labour could effectively be shut out of government. Worse still, even if National does scrape over the line then 2014 becomes almost impossible as Nationals support partners will have disappeared?courtesy?of Trevor Mallard’s dirty little plan.

National voters in Epsom would forever be remembered as the ones who fell for Labour’s trap. They need to go into the polling booth on Saturday and with a quick stroke of the pen vote for John Banks and National for their party vote. It only takes 4% to change over and national gets a proper coalition partner.

Do Epsom voters really want Russel Norman and the Greens propping up National?

This will allow National to have some comfort and a couple fo extra MPs. It will also allow John Banks and the “Killer Bees” to rebuild the party for the future.