National’s Strategic Stupidity, Ctd

National’s refusal to engage on the electoral referendum means that the system preferred by all of National’s arch enemies (Labour, the Greens and the unions), MMP, is almost certain to be retained.

So this cycle when John Key is the most popular PM ever, and National’s vote is nearly double Labour’s Key is being forced to back John Banks in Epsom to ensure ACTs survival so if National doesn’t get 48% of the vote Key won’t end up with no coalition partners.

It is a bit like a couple of nervous sixteen year olds working out how to ask each other out, and undignified for a couple of New Zealand best know politicians.

The big questions for John Key is in 2014 and beyond who is going to support a National lead government? Will he be doing a macabre dance with Colin Craig in East Coast Bays to ensure the Conservatives can support a National lead government waning in popularity?


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  • PM of NZ

    Think positively – it will probably be Nats chasing Craig for crumbs like the MP has at present.

  • Petal

    These continue to be important questions, and they need answers if we’re not going to go down the path of a Labour/Green/Mana coalition in 3 years time :(

  • max_power

    Yep absolutely. Greatly disappointing no-one but no-one is publicising the referendum. This shows all politicians for the venal duplicitous creatures they all in fact are.

    All of them remain silent in unison. When OUR democracy is at stake. That’s right politicians, it ours, not yours. So show some integrity.

    But that calculation doesn’t even occur apparently, even when at the same time all of them are out on a daily, 24/7 basis madly saying what great honest trustworthy capable and integrity-filled people they themselves are.

    It simply makes one want to weep, and/or vomit.

    How fucking dare they.

  • Evan Johnson

    I’m not concerned.  If National get double the votes of Labour or thereabouts, the Green Party will get into a confidence and supply agreement with National.  It is a no brainer.

    MMP will survive because it is bedding in very well.   During the review, the antics of Rodney Hide, John Key, Don Brash and John Banks will be sorely remembered.