National’s Strategic Stupidity, Ctd

National?s continued stupidity in not wanting to get involved in the electoral referendum is just handing the political arena to Labour and the Greens.

Today Phil Goff said that Labour would reform MMP to keep ACT out of parliament by not letting single MPs take other MPs with them unless they get to the 5% threshold.

“Frankly, I think the law needs to be changed to stop this kind of gerrymander. You either get in because you’ve got an electorate seat or you get in with list MPs if you get over five per cent.

“But this idea that one party like National can gift you a seat so you can smuggle three or four members of parliament in when you’re not entitled to, that’s wrong. They know it and New Zealanders know it.”

Notwithstanding Labour having sweetheart deals fo their own in the past, this?announcement?from Phil Goff that he thinks the Electoral Act is the plaything of political parties, with a winner takes all attitude, sends a rather scary message to voters. It is our electoral system not the Labour party’s.

Farrar points out what a tool Simon Power was for trying to be bipartisan and trusting Labour, but then everyone knows what side he was really on.

National need to stop being so stupid and come out publicly for SM and Vote for Change in the referendum or they will be the Natural Party of Opposition ? with Labour and the Greens cutting out their support parties by whatever devious ways they can.

Labour have shown that they think Electoral law is the plaything of politicians. We need to show labour that they are wrong and anti-democratic.