Nice Charles writes a letter

Charles Chauvel has written a letter to constituents in Ohariu:

Chauvel Letter to Consituents

I think Charles forgets something when he says that Peter Dunne was “elected to parliament 27 years ago. The Cold war was still raging. The Space Shuttle Discovery made its maiden flight. CD players went on sale commercially. DNA profiling was developed”.

Now what is it he has forgotton? Oh yes…Phil Goff was elected to parliament in 1984 as well.

Maybe Charles is right when he says that a vote for someone first elected in 1984 is a “vote for the failed policies and personalities of the past”.


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  • Kimbo

    It’s even worse for Goff. He  was first elected in 1981. But then again, Charles is one of the Rainbow crowd who is no doubt already activating the coup against Goff. Just like Chris Carter did in 1993 against Mike Moore, even before he had been sworn in as an MP!

  • greenmuppet

    No mentioning of GST off fresh fruits and veges either.

  • Mark Williamsheridan

    How unusual, a letter written by him that he actually signs himself :-)

    He really has a poor grasp on what the NZ public will tolerate in terms of badmouthing people; and an even poorer grasp of thinking about unintended consequences.

  • Gary

    Major events in 1981 – top of the list is that Greece entered the EU! So what else happened in the year that Charles’ leader entered Parliament? Reagan got shot, Pinochet was re-elected in Chile, the first manned Space Shuttle made its inaugural flight, Mitterand became president of France, AIDS was first recognised, we had the controversial Springbok tour, Mubarak became president of Egypt and Papandreaou became PM of Greece. Thanks Charles, it really is good to think back and reminisce of days long gone….

  • Willie

    Why would I want to vote for a round, rainbow boy with a huge ego who doesn’t live in the electorate – at least with Dunne part of a coaltion with National, we could expect some traction on his ideas.
    Charlie Shovel will be part of a very small Labour representation in Parliament that will have no effect on the direction of the country whatsoever.

  • Sooty

    Nasty numpty

  • house of the right wing bigots

    …..and he forgot to include in his opening paragraph that homosexuality was still unlawful in New Zealand

  • Troy

    Just another supercilious chump coming out of the rainbow wing.  What’s interesting is he is using the same old cliche sentences in his letter that don’t convince – he should have tried to be original, at the very least.

  • Johnboy

    “The best start in life for OUR kids”

    Now that really will be a miracle for Chucky and partner!

  • MrV

    How can he say he supports an evidenced based justice system when they are going to do away with the three-strikes system. Surely there is nothing more evidence based than the three strikes policy?

  • Actually, Phil Goff entered Parliament in 1981. But Labour’s Class of ’84 included such fresh-faced newcomers as Peter Dunne, Trevor Mallard and Annette King.

  • km

    I note that he doesn’t mention serving the electorate at all. Perhaps a vote for Chauvel is a vote for the old party hacks and tactics of the past. Is this a new Labour initiative on youth unemployment? Has he told Goff, King, and Mallard that their time is up? Wonder how they took it!

    • Kim

      i think the fat boy has missed the point, although peter will turn up to a letter opening, he has been elected, something the fat boy has not managed to do, so like all things he does, he comes in behind someone else……although i have generally voted for all parties in the past, even god forgive me Values…it will be Peter Dunne and National party vote….this year

  • house of the right wing bigots

    and to be fair, charlies only hope is to come in the trademans entrance…

    • Gazzaw

      He’d be used to that.

    • Thorn

      He’s been there, done that, and has the frock to prove it.

  • bb

    first 2 paragraphs sounds bitchy.  just like a bitchy woman in the neighbourhood who doesn’t say a nice word about anyone.  i think he should have really read this before posting. 

  • whalewatcher

    Charles forgot to add that 27 years ago he, Chauvel, also ran away from boarding school after 4 or 4 days… he has a very conveniently-selective memory

  • greenmuppet

    On a similar subject, I am now almost convinced Labour is using dodgy direct marketing while electioneering. Here is what I have noticed.

    Before the last election we got a Labour letter (signed by H1) addressed personally to my partner. We live at the same address and I didn’t receive any letter. My partner’s is on low income, me on high. That made me thinks someone from Labour went through IRD records and selected ideal audience based on income/tax.  BTW, my partners has never been a member of any union and had nothing to do with any political party whatsoever.

    This morning, exactly the same situation: Labour leaflet addressed directly to my partner, nothing to me. While I don’t give a s***  about any leaflets it makes me wonder how Labour knows who to send their crap advertising to? The only criteria that springs to mind is the income tax data and we have never disclosed it to anyone. Has anyone else experienced the same?

    To be fair to Shovel, he sent his letter to all in his electorate.