Now there is an idea

Are the press getting out of hand? Look to India for some ideas on handling uppity press:

An?Associated Press?cameraman and at least three other journalists said they were assaulted by police and paramilitary forces Friday as they covered a protest in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

Umar Meraj was beaten for several minutes by security forces using rifle butts, batons, fists and a barrage of kicks, according to Meraj and other witnesses.

Local journalists have repeatedly complained of harassment and assaults by police in the tumultuous Himalayan territory. Meraj was assaulted by police at a checkpoint in its main city of Srinagar last year along with his father, Meraj Uddin Dar, also an AP journalist.

Not sure it would catch on here though. Our journalists may be self interested promoters of their own agendas but they dont warrant severe beatings. Far better we just ignore them.