Oh how desperate

How desperate must you be for relevance when you attack statisticians. Labour really are going for the world crown of the Nastiest party.

Labour’s candidate for the Auckland electorate of Te Atatu yesterday suggested Statistics New Zealand had “massaged” the latest figures on building consents to paint a rosier picture than was correct.

Statistics New Zealand had released building consents for September which found a 17 per cent seasonally-adjusted fall and a 14 per cent fall when apartments were excluded.

“But the headline on the Statistics New Zealand press release read: Trends for new home approvals continue to rise,” Tywford said.

“Talk about spin!”

Statistics New Zealand’s “enthusiasm” could be excused in less partisan times, he said.

“But during an election period when National is patting itself on the back for doing as good a job as anyone could in terms of keeping the economy ticking over, it is impossible not to see a lack of neutrality in the department’s media release.”

Trying to make a 17 per cent decline look like an increase was the “sort of behaviour” expected of Prime Minister John Key or National’s campaign manager Steven Joyce, Twyford said.

“It’s not what you expect of an organisation that has always – until now – prided itself on being fiercely independent of political bias.

“It is inexcusable for Statistics New Zealand to give even the appearance of bias during an election campaign.”

StatsNZ hits back:

However, Statistics New Zealand chief executive Geoff Bascand said the government agency took seriously its responsibility to explain and present statistics in a meaningful and accurate way.

“As Government Statistician, I am fiercely protective of my statutory independence in the production and release of statistics.”

Volatility in building consents over past months had caused Statistics New Zealand to judge its trend series of figures as the most useful indicator of movement in building activity, he said.

It had also reported the seasonally-adjusted figures within the first paragraph of its statement and more detailed information had been included.

“Statistics New Zealand has an obligation to release objective statistics.

“We will continue to do this at all times.”

Attacking statisticians has all the electoral appeal of advocating the volume of advertisements be controlled. Labour really are the nasty party and anyone at all is a target right now.


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  • Guest

    But thought Labour was supported by the union for public servants.

    Oh that’s right they only like public servants that support the greater good of the Party,and don’t work in the Ministry for the Environment….

  • Charles256

    What do you expect, Twyford is taking a leaf out of his leader’s book in attacking a senior public servant (in Goff’s case it was warren Tucker).

  • Anonymous

    Labour hates public servants. Pretending to like the public service sector is just for votes.

  • Jam_Sammie

    Why would he even bother t get into it with them. It serves no purpose? I would suggest with all due respect that most voters in the Te Atatu ward (myself included) couldn’t care less about these statistics in general and a fair few that have no idea what SNZ do anyway. If you are going to pick a fight Phil at least pick one that might win you some support instead of a whole bunch of dumb looks..