On Patrick Gower

Karl du Fresne writes about Patrick Gower:

He is a journalistic picker of scabs, a scavenger who swoops on the wounded. He scans the political landscape looking for any story that, with judicious editing and sneering voice-over, can be manipulated for maximum effect.

The Gower approach illustrates two trends in modern political journalism. One is to strive at all costs for what former British prime minister Tony Blair called “impact” – something to excite the public blood lust.

The other is to put the journalist at the centre of the story. The modern political reporter is no longer content to be a passive observer, but wants to be a player – a maker and breaker of careers.


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  • Figaro

    Du Fresne is 100% right here ! Gower is such a smug little prat…..

    • BJ

      Gower is a rabid dog

  • Euan Rt

    and a weasel!

  • Drhill

    I always think Gower is looking for a conspiracy when doing stories

  • Pete George

    And more on the Gower dirty dealing: http://yournz.org/2011/11/22/gowers-dirty-deal/

  • Gazzaw

    Look no further than TVNZ, TV3, Pravda & the HoS.

    It would be interesting if an independent poll was taken post-election on the public’s perception of the media. It is fascinating to observe how far standards & impartiality have slipped particularly with the Herald’s senior reporters. Are they fearful for their jobs?  

  • Anonymous

    “Deceitful bastard” was the term Don Brash used IIRC.

    The way he hung around Banks & Goldsmith begging for a tidbit was just embarrassing.

  • Paulus

    Love his hair though – makes him look more like a prat.

  • Mark

    I’ve never really understood why Gower wanted to be a television reporter. He’s clearly got a face for radio…

  • kehua

    Come Sunday John Key will still be PM and Patrick Gower will still be a fuckwit. nuff said.