Owen Glenn: Forget the Sound Bite Circuses

With Winston Peters hovering near 5 per cent in the polls and looking like inflicting himself as kingmaker once again on teh New Zealand public it is timely to have heard from Owen Glenn, the man who busted his lies last election. Owen Glenn has written another column in the NZ Herald.

?One of New Zealand’s most critical elections is just over a week away. How you vote will make a world of difference to this country’s future and fortunes.

Forget the rhetoric, the sound-bite circuses and the outlandish claims masquerading as policy. Focus on the real state of this nation and the unique set of problems that must be carefully managed.

As New Zealanders we may need to put aside historical reasons for voting and give the best available team the mandate to get a complex job done. Who you don’t vote for becomes incredibly important.

According to recent polls 3.5 per cent to 4.5 per cent of voters (margin of error aside) think a vote for Winston Peters would benefit New Zealand. If this truly is the case rather than a polling blip I implore these people to think again.

His credibility is bankrupt and he doesn’t rate the empowerment that voting for him would allow. How can we trust someone who also continues to want to rewrite history solely for his own gain?

Winston Peters lied about a donation from Owen Glenn, he lied about it to the media, who are addicted like crack whores to his lies, he lied to the Privileges Committees and he still lies about it. He maintains and is aided and abetted by useful idiots like Martyn Bradbury and the Labour party that he was exonerated three times. He was not. Two things I know about Winston Raymond Peters, 65, pensioner of St Marys Bay: He is short and he tells lies.

Here is a reminder of his lies: