Policy not Personality, Ctd

Phil Goff told the nation that he would focus on policy and not personality. Since making that statement he and his party have almost?exclusively?resorted to personality attacks. Take this one about Rena by Goff yesterday:

?The Prime Minister had his eye on the wrong ball. If he had, just for once, flagged the photo opportunity and shown some real leadership, how much more oil could have been pumped off that boat? How much less of a mess would those beaches be in now?

Hmmm…photo opportunities? Remember this?

Phil Goff also talks about the mess on the beaches. Yet this article on Stuff tells a different picture:

Visible signs of Rena’s oil spill are now few and far between on the white sand at Mt Maunganui beach – except for the odd oiled bird coming by looking for help.

Phil Goff misled the public when he said he would focus on policy. Since he promised that labour has done nothing other than attack John key. Who is the liar now Phil Goff?