Politics Round Up – Leighton Smith, Cam Slater and John Pagani

Here is the audio of our last session before the election, there will be another one after the election on Monday where we pick apart the results.

Politics Round Up – Leighton Smith, Cam Slater and John Pagani by whaleoil


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  • MrV

    Pagani, if you are going to say “I don’t like to make predictions because I’m invariably wrong” What the hell are you doing as a strategist or political commentator ???

  • Brian Smaller

    Pagani – shut the fuck up and let someone else get a word in edgeways. I gave up listening because Pagani talked over everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Gawd, Pagani is a bullshit artist. Hasn’t got the first f**king idea about asset sales or anything else. Given that, he’s perfect to be the leader of Labour.  

    • BJ

      He is the perfect labour supporter – doesn’t really know whats going on

  • Orange

    Really good showing Cam. Well done.

  • Bob

    Can’t believe Gowers ‘performance’ on 3 news tonight, what a shocking segment… Was like he was in a cabaret show, ‘look at me, look at me… cha cha cha….’, what a joke.


  • tas

    Pagani was talking about 222 billion dollars in debt. Jeez. That’ll put us up there with Greece.

    He’s a fool. He implicitly blames National for the recession and then criticises them for not undoing Labour’s spending policies.