Proof Poms are gay

I’ve always suspected that Poms are becoming gayer by the day:

Men spend more time getting ready to go out than women, according to research.

On average men spend 81 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes, the study found.

Women have their beauty regime down to a fine art and get hair, clothes and make-up done in just 75 minutes.

The research, carried out for Travelodge, found that on an average morning men spend 23 minutes in the shower, compared to 22 minutes for women.

Men then take 18 minutes on their shaving regime, compared to 14 minutes for women despite them having to trim legs, armpits and bikini line.

Men take a minute longer – 10 minutes – on cleansing, toning and moisturising.

I’d love to see the same survey done here. Bet it is way different.


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  • Anonymous

    Sounds to me like British women are letting themselves go!

  • James Stephenson

    No wonder I felt so happy about moving here…5 min shower, 5 min shave and my “toiletry” bag is an Umbro footy boot bag…

  • Ben Ross

    Wife says I dunno ;-) :P

    Though I somehow do end up taking longer in the bathroom than my wife, and that includes the time it takes her to do her make up. Mind you, she was brought up in a family of 8 so therefore learnt the art of sharing the bathroom quickly (and efficiently)…

  • greenmuppet

    Could be way different if you consider the men who dye their hair. 

  • Brian Smaller

    Obviously not on tank water:)  A five minute shower is luxury at our place.

  • HeyJude

    If NZ did a study the male results would be skewed upward by Russell Norman and his ilk.

    • Gazzaw

      ………..and the labour caucus.

  • analbleacher

    i doubt this survey would have too much validity to be fair. most poms we know are still all unwashed bastards….

  • Sadu

    Who takes 18 minutes to shave??? Was the survey conducted on people with no arms and legs?
    I can understand the 23 minute showers if it was conducted in hotels – I always take a longer shower when I’m not the one paying for the hot water :)

  • Anonymous

    23 minutes in the shower  – thats because they don’t have power companies cutting off their controlled water heating in the middle of winter and putting bills up 10% every year.

    • Tristanb

      They can afford 23 minutes because their power companies are privatised, and there is competition to get a low price and good service.

      It’s better than having an inefficient government run a power station.

      You should buy shares in them if you think they make so much money!

  • Cassandra_19560

    now i no y my hubby gets up at 5 doesnt have time for breakfast…………….he starts at 6 and is always running out the door lol/im up at 7 to start at 8 have brekky and do make up and still 20 mins to sit down, feed dog and cats b4 i leave.