Referendum: Vote for Change

Tomorrow you have a choice in the?referendum?on whether you want to retain MMP or Vote got Change. I will be Voting for Change and I will be selecting SM.

If you need a reason for rejecting MMP and Voting for Change then look closely at those who are telling you to support MMP.

The bloggers at The Standard, The Labour Party, The Green party, NZ First and Winston Peters,?the CTU, the NZEI, the PPTA, the Service and Food Workers Union, the PSA, the?NZ Diary Workers Union, the NZ Nurses Organisation, the Rail and Maritime Transport Union, the Maritime Union of NZ, and the EPMU.

All of those people are telling you to support MMP. Do you really share a world view with them?

John Key however is voting for change, he is voting for SM, I now ask that you follow John Key’s lead and do the same.

We need to stop the tail wagging the dog.