Sean Plunket calls out Goff on his Police lies

Last night Phil Goff lied about Police recruitment.

Note that in the debate clip – he said ALL recruiting cancelled – ?that is a total lie… and he now won’t admit he got it wrong. ?To make it worse he gets way too angry when he is challenged on it – as demonstrated in the Plunket interview. ?This is a desperate man who is not handling the pressure well.

The Police Commissioner, the Police Minister and the Police Association all contradict Phil Goff and now he is dying in a ditch over his lie.

Sean Plunket tore Phil Goff apart and challenged him to show us his proof of his allegations. Phil cut and run in interview when the questioning got too tough.

Sean Plunket flays Phil Goff over his Police lies by whaleoil

Again you have to wonder why Phil Goff even did this on the penultimate day of the campaign, a day when he should be skewering the government on Asset Sales. Instead he gets fed a line that blows up in his face and now he is spending the day reacting in the much the same way he did when he lied about the SIS briefing.