Shot Down in Flames

Phil Goff’s desperate big lie last night in the TVNZ debate has been shot down in flames. The Crusher has just given Goff a taste of what Clayton Cosgrove suffered all cycle.

National denies claims by Labour leader Phil Goff that it will put a freeze on police recruitment, saying he is “completely wrong” and “very desperate”.

Goff made the claim during the final TVNZ debate last night and said police had been told to keep the plan secret until after the election.

National leader John Key was unable to say during the debate whether Goff’s comments were true, but said any such decision would be “operational” and police had to live within their budgets, like all government departments.

Police Minister Judith Collins this morning told Radio New Zealand Goff was “completely wrong”, though she admitted the January intake would be delayed because fewer people were quitting the force.

“What has happened is because their attrition rate is so low now, so few people are leaving police. Morale is so high that in the last four months of this year, 300 extra recruits have gone through the college and graduated, so that January intake is now going to be a March intake,” she said.

“By the end of this year we will have 600 extra frontline police and we expect to maintain those levels. Phil Goff is very desperate and he is just making this up.”

Collins said the attrition rate was 3.2 per cent, requiring police to train 280 officers to cover the gap, compared to the 6 per cent rate under Labour.

“There is going to be no reduction in frontline policing under a National government. We have made this very clear,” she said.

What a stupid play by Phil Goff, he taken a piece of information whispered over coffee with a malcontent and used it as a big hit in the campaign and the reality is that the Police, with their new commissioner and supportive minister are loving the job of banging up crims so much that they aren’t leaving like they were under Labour.

It is such?a dumb bad news story when he needed to be running a positive message about asset sales?you have to wonder who told him to do this.