Something to aim for

When you are 27 points ahead in the polls it is easy to get complacent.

But there is always something to aim for and professionals look for small improvements in the pursuit of excellence.

With Labour polling at around 25% this is the list of sitting MPs and “stars” that won’t be going to caucus on November 29:

Rank and Name Effective Rank Party Vote Needed
19. Moana Mackey 9 25%
20. Rajen Prasad 10 25%
21.?Raymond Huo 11 26%
22.?Carol Beaumont 12 27%
23.?Kelvin Davis 13 28%
24.?Carmel Sepuloni 14 29%
25. Rick Barker 15 29%
26. Deborah Mahuta-Coyle 16 30%
27.?Stuart Nash 17 31%

But there is still something to aim for for National. At 24% they lose Darien Fenton. Perhaps Peter Goodfellow could ring the Mad Butcher for a donation for some extra ads.

With a little more sustained effort and dropping Labour to 23% then Shane Jones disappears, at 22% Andrew Little and at 21% Jacinda Ardern.

If it rains on election day then Labour are looking set to beat Bill English which would be a shame because Phil Goff is nowhere as big a tool as Bill English is.