The Faces of Labour


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  • Anonymous

    That picture just leaves me feeling “all is under control in politics in NZ”

    Give me strength…. Labour, the party that keeps giving….

    • Livyluciopie

      Somme intelligent people look like that

      • Agent BallSack

        I refuse to believe any intelligent people live in France.

  • Troy

    Scary – reminds me of a pack of orcs from the LOR!

  • nasska

    Yes, they walk amongst us, they’re in politics & they continue to breed.

  • Scanner

    Is that the sound of a distant banjo I hear?
    Sort of Deliverance revisited really.

  • NZGroover

    Serious question Whale. Is that a picture from the 70’s?

    • that advertising hoarding in the background dates it to now

    • No it was on Stuff yesterday in their gallery of election photos

  • Blair Mulholland

    See this is what happens when it becomes socially acceptable to marry your cousin…

  • Gazzaw

    I never did believe Charles Darwin.

  • Richard McGrath

    Guy on the right looks like Willem Dafoe with long hair.

  • Gazzaw

    Is that Susan Boyle doing some moonlighting?

  • Guest

    You have to go 2 miles down in a bathysphere to find anything as weird looking as this.

  • starboard

    A peek inside a liarbor key party.

  • Observation

    Why do we even let inbred South Islanders vote?

  • Bunswalla

    Who ate all the pies?

  • EX Navy Greg

    Sums it up really. Stuck in the 1970’s

  • Anonymous

    Guess the pets of the Labour members! From left to right: yorkshire terrier, crazy cat lady, bird lover, poultry fancier.