The headline says it all

Labour rushed out special advertising to capitalise on the illegal recording of John Key and John Banks. They erroneously thought would give them a poll bump.

Turns out the strategic genius running Labour’s campaign was right again…a bump down the ladder to their lowest ever One News C0lmar Brunton poll in 10 years.

Support for Labour has dipped to a ten year low with the Green Party reaping the benefit, according to the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

National’s level of support seems to be barely damaged by the ongoing “tea pot tape” controversy this week.

Full results are:

National: down 1 point to 53%
Labour: down another 2 points to 26%
Greens: up 4 points to 13%
New Zealand First: down 0.7 points to 2.2%,
Act: up 0.1 points to 1.6%
Maori Party: 1.6%
Conservative party: 1.4%
Mana: 1.3%
United Future: 0.3%

Nine days out from the election dropping to your lowest ever poll in ten years doesn’t look like a good place to be. Not looking good for their strategy of denigrating John Key either:

John Key’s support as the preferred Prime Minister has not been significantly damaged by the “tea pot tape” saga either.
He has dropped back two points but still has 53% support compared with 13% for Phil Goff.

National won’t be losing any sleep.


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  • nekminnit1983

    The 3News poll also has Labour dropping.

    Looking at the news stories out by 3News tonight it is clear that Garner and Gower have gone feral and are out to try and tarnish Key.

  • Dave

    indeed- i got the same clear impresion-especially given the half arsed link up with oil slicks in Tauranga and a “secret” meeting with some oil company rep who is here on holiday-not like the PM to have meetings is it!
    TV3 have shown their colours-but gutless fucks wont put up and shut up will they- go johnny go

  • Gazzaw

    It’s only one poll out of five but a great start. As has been predicted all that the tea party circus has achieved is to stop labour getting their policies out into the market. Labour prospects have fled to he Greens despite the billboard vandalism. The lesser of two evils I suppose and at least they haven’t gone to WP.

  • joe bloggs

    It’ll only end badly for the media. That’s the second election  in a row where Garner’s felched himself with illegal tapes. Poor dumb schmucks the pair of them.

    I’m surprised the Greens made so much ground given their poor showing on the billboard vandalism.

    • max_power

      No-one but the media and we politicos knows the Greens were very probably almost certainly heavily involved in the billboard vandalism joe and no-one in the media it appears wants to put the serious legwork in to tracking down what is an extremely significant election story.

      How come Meteria’s so quiet?

  • Johnboy

    The polls are shit!
    How can the wrinkled old pensioner of Saint Mary’s bay be down 0.7% after his revelations of today.

    Mumble mumble fuckin mumble, bah!

    • Dave

      simple-because if you cared to listen they CLEARLY stated the polling was done prior to Peters little chest thump to a massive audience of 15 oldies … least the caterers arent kept busy an the NZF campaign trail

      • Johnboy


        No Dave’s were harmed during this mumble, mumble, wanker stuff,  regarding doddering old wrinkled bastards resident in Saint Mary’s bay.

      • Dangerous Den

        Yea…poor Caterers… but the Wheel Chair Hire and Funeral Homes like Winnie comming to town.

  • thor42

    Woohoo!  You BEAUTY, JK!  This is bloody good to see. 
    F**k Labour and their ignorant, illiterate, whining, panty-waisted followers.  Goof can suck my ugly, wrinkly wang.    

    • Johnboy

      Chucky and Grant will be pissed to hear that your wang is ugly and wrinkly thor!

  • nekminnit1983

    I find it interesting that they claim Key’s meeting was “secret”… many bloody meetings would he have in a week?? Do we know every meeting he has? I doubt it. Garner and Gower are sad really. Someone should hold them to account?

    ANd where is the story from ANY media outlet about Goff having a poor memory about any prime ministers walking out of   media conferences? Whale did a good job of exposing that little forgetfulness of Goff.

    This clearly shows that the media are NOT doing their job properly. Especially when THEY could have FACT CHECKED Goff’s statement for themselves BEFORE reporting his misleading comments about no other PM’s ever walking out of media conferences. POOR journalism at the moment.

    • Scootie

      Garner & Gower = Gormless & Gutless.

  • nekminnit1983
  • Actually, the interesting thing about this poll is that Key is now less popular than his party.  From memory, and I could well be wrong, that’s a first.

    • Petal

      Nice spin :)

      • Thanks.  But, I am not a lefty and I genuinely think that it’s an interesting turnaround assuming it’s true. 

        • nekminnit1983

          yeah right.

  • Elma Fudd

    Another interesting thing about the beat-up by the overpaid media ( by whom ? ) is that they are concentrating on the “tea-party-two” apparently discussing the demise of Mr Brash esq, and how dreadful it is to do that without him being present. No one seems to be bothered to mention the talk by persons within the Labour party about the same fate for Mr. Goff esq. Is it possible that it is just a convenient memory loss ?

  • Mattyman

    I’m hardly the world’s biggest fan of the Conservatives, but a extra 2 MP’s (or even 1!) could prove very useful come 2014. If Colin could somehow win Rodney. Mark Mitchel isn’t the world’s great loss, lets be honest. 

    • You clearly haven’t met Mark Mitchell. He would be a far better MP than Colin Craig. Anyone who would go toe to toe with terrorists in Iraq gets my vote.
      Show me what Colin Craig has done to match that CV.

      • Apolonia

        Did he sell that story to a women’s magazine as well. a guy

      • Kevin Campbell


      • Red Riding Hood

        Regardless of your opinion of Mitchell vs. Craig, if the people of Rodney were as smart as the Epsom voters have been in the past, surely they’d realise that voting in Craig would give National a natural partner – something they really could do with seeing as ACT and Dunne are looking shaky at best.

        Cuppa tea for Colin and Key I say!

  • Kosh103

    And yet, still not as low as National got under Bill English.

    • Agent BallSack

      And yet, Bill English is Deputy PM and Finance minister for the most popular Government since MMP was introduced.

  • nekminnit1983

    I think that Labours biggest problem is that they said they would focus on Policy NOT Personality…. but they are doing the complete opposite. they cant help themselves and instead go nasty.

    when will they learn that their nasty tactics turn people off voting for them.

    • Johnboy

      I think Labours biggest problem is that they have a useless bunch of ugly, worn out, poofter, hacks standing for them nekkie.

      However I could just be biased I suppose. :)

      • Turzynski

        You missed out being racist. But you did cover the homophobia well. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone called ‘Johnboy’ You seem to be very angry. Hang out with some cruisy Labour types instead of all those anal National mad dogs. it will calm you down.

    • AnonWhaleWatcher

      The biggest mistake Fill Gap made is still making is talking about how much JK suck, instead of talking about how awesome he (thinks he) is. Here is an analogy, when was the last time someone landed a job by telling the interviewer why they shouldn’t hire the other guy? Most people land jobs by convincing the prospective employer why he is the right guy, not why the other candidates are not suitable for the role…

      • Johnboy

        Most of the employed people I know AnonWhaleWatcher got their jobs because they knew someone who worked for the company they are now employed by and  they got the nod, hence saving the boss from doing an advert and having to sift through a million unemployed applicants.

        I could of course be totally wrong.

    • Kosh103

      How is the truth nasty?

      Everything they have said is true.

  • Rightoverlabour

    All the illuminati have for ages argued that the polls should close towards the election. The polls have essentially remained static in terms of gap between labour and National. The big losers seem to be the press as they beat on about the tapes, and  judging by talk back, most people have had a guts full of them. Winston is a genius joining this bunch of losers. hmm maybe not. Be interesting to see the nz1st movement after today’s little (illegal) stunt. Would love to see him and garner and all those other idiots arrested for releasing the tapes. They should change the poll headlines to “three more years” (two of which Winston and co could be inside for).

    • Johnboy

      Jail is non smoking now Rightoverlabour. Winnie would never accept that!

  • Lindsay Addie

    On CloseUp Sainsbury had a lip reader trying to figure out what was being said! ROFLMAO

  • Doug

    Guyon Espiner: Trying his best to lift Labour. The Media trying to skew the Election?

    If you’d asked: ‘who is the biggest loser from the teapot tape
    story?’ I suspect few people would have answered: the Labour

    But that is the cruel, and unjust, verdict of the latest One
    News/Colmar Brunton poll.

    • Johnboy

      “To read more Guyon Espiner opinion
      click here.”

      Why would anyone bother clicking?

  • Lindsay Addie

    Garner and his mates seem to have caught a severe strain of good old KDS………

  • Nick K

    This is bad news for National.

    • max_power

      In one way yes Nick.

      In the way that by now, the message would have seeped into say, thirty thousand floating morons, that: “there’s something vaguely suspicious about all this tea party stuff, I seem to have heard that before somewhere but can’t quite recall where from. Not quite sure nor really very interested in the details, not while the sports on anyway, but maybe, Key’s not quite such a good guy – that’s what they’re sayin, anyhoo.”

      In another way no Nick.

      In the way Liarbore’s agenda has been wiped off the map. Forget anything major in the news cycle tomorrow unless it’s a total re-engineering of the welfare state from the ground up. This will just form the basis of the opinion columns this Sunday then next Saturday, it’s all over, rover. Poor Phil must be very sad. Isn’t that a shame.

  • The crowning master-stroke would be for Key to say two days out from the election…”Oh ok,release the tape if its that interesting to people”….and for it to be a massive damp squib which rebounds on TV3 and Labour and Winnie causing them to shit poll support….

  • Chris

    If the Greens haven’t been hit yet it might mean the poll covered an earlier period.  I’d wait a bit, maybe a week, to see how things have affected National.  You would’ve expected the Greens to have been dealt to at least a bit, if not a lot, after their stuff up, which happened at the same time as the cuppa.  Might be a bit early to know.