The Moroney Effect

I lost by this much

Sue Moroney started her political career in Piako in 2002 so that sets our benchmark margin at 1600 National candidate majority.

Sue then competes again in Piako in 2005 and Lindsay Tisch’s majority jumps 525%.

Sue enters the Hamilton East race in 2008 and David Bennett’s majority jumps 76%. (After losing all the rural votes due to boundary changes – close to 3000 National voters)

This year she enters the Hamilton West race and Tim McIndoe’s majority jumps 160%.

Any National candidate in a marginal seat should be hoping that when Sue Moroney fixes her beady eyes on their seat, in the search for another electorate for her to inflict herself upon for the 2014 election, that it’s their seat! – maybe we’ll strike gold and she’ll go for Waitakere.

She’s nasty and everyone who meets her knows it.  My pick is she goes list only next time and it’s a rumour I’ve heard from someone in their camp.  She costs votes wherever she goes.


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  • Jam_Sammie

    The name says it all…

  • Gazzaw

    Yet another union hack.

  • Troy

    Its extraordinary that this numptie has been in parliament for so long and never represented at the electorate level.  Another labour has-been and MMP allows tarts like this to stick around while we pay for her to stick around – unbelievable.  When will the labour start to learn that unionists like her aren’t what they should be relying on?

  • Blaze

    Exactly, they need to expunge some dead weight. Fast.

  • EX Navy Greg

    I know a cheif petty officer stoker that looks like her…

    • Gazzaw

      Poor bastard.

  • Barnsley Bill


  • Harold

    A poster child for MMP perhaps?

  • Blaze

    She looks like Kathy Bates lol.

    The Misery version.

  • jabba

    she used to sit behind Dame helen during question time and had a permanent smirk on her face. She is their Education spokesperson for gods sake AND 10 on the list TEN?? Labour people are gutted to lose Davis (23) and Nash (27) … hello

    • Troy

      Yeah Nash and Davis must be wondering what the fuck is going on when a has been is still around and they aren’t – this is absolute typical labour philosophy.  Actually i think Nash is a great dude – he’ll go onto other successes i’m sure.

  • Anonymous

    This used to be the civilised side of town. Who could forget the McIndoe/Gallagher bromance. We do not welcome Nastiness here and I am please we managed to dispose of it.

  • Badmac

    Isn’t she one of the favored ones?
    This is what’s wrong with labour, people like Sue are seen as the future.

    I swear, the world are shouting out very loud to stop, ironic given there election signs, but HMS Labour just keeps heading for the berg. Time to rearrange the deck chairs (David’s!), maybe even a new coat of paint aye boys.

    Here’s a suggestion Labour, for your next “conference”, have it down on the west coast, and ask the locals what Labour is about. Then see if you can find your roots (hint THE PEOPLE’S PARTY).

    • sthnjeff

      Labour could not have its conference in the west coast. they have not even heard of chardonay down there

  • Anonymous

    There must be a reason why they want to keep her around so badly. She’s not a lesbian, so that can’t be it… let’s… google tells me she’s a unionist. So there you have it!

  • Alsh

    Never heard of her before, must be invisible in parliament.

  • Mike Readman

    She sends out heaps of emails and postal letters too I think.  The more she does, the less popular Labour becomes.

  • Roflcopter

    She used to be a bit of a hottie in her younger days, now she’s a swamp donkey like the rest of them.

  • Catwoman

    Can Ms Moron be encouraged to stand in Dunedin South.  We would welcome her here with open arms.  The electorate would definitely be won by National then!

  • Jaffa

    If Labour had more people like her, they would NEVER get back in.

    It’s a thought!

  • Anonymous

    She used to send me letters in plain envelopes. They were so plain with no indication who they were from, but as I received so many of them I knew who they were from and they went straight in the bin before opening them.

  • monique

    I drove down Ulster Street in Hamilton on Sunday and her billboard with Nanaia Mahuta is still up, aren’t they meant to come down before the election? The billboard is detracting visitors to the city, like they need another reason not to come!!