The Shield of Sanctimony will not Protect the Greens

Russel Norman?s admission that the Greens are responsible the shabby tactic of stickering National?s hoardings should pierce the shield of sanctimony that the Greens hide behind.

Earlier today I accused green supporters of being behind this and I also published motorbike number plates. Those plates came from eyewitnesses in Christchurch and were forwarded to me via the tipline. I also now know, again from Christchurch based tipsters, the?identities?of the owners. One is a well know Green activist and spokeman for the Anglican Church, Jolyon White who is also the husband of Russel Norman’s EA.

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The Greens hold themselves up as morally virtuous, yet have been shown to be as shabby and as shoddy as every other political party in New Zealand. No one would mind much if they weren’t such a bunch of holier than thou, unctuous, sanctimonious pricks.

I correctly identified the sticker tactic on October 14th when a tipster gave the tipline details of quotes being sought for large numbers of hoardings.

This kind of stupid campaign tactic might appeal to the tribal, intellectually incestuous group thinking hard left/green group, but it doesn?t sit well in the eyes of the average voter. The Greens have made a major strategic error in the campaign that they were doing so well in, and I expect they will lose votes.

I believe the Greens deliberately defacing National?s hoardings on a massive scale has the potential to have the same impact as the Brethren did on National’s campaign in 2005.

Remember too that the Greens are?fervent?supporters of MMP. They sanctimoniously tell us how fair it all is and yet behind the scenes they are quite willing to pull every dirty trick in the book in order to screw the scrum their way.