The tolerance of Islam

Yeah I know the headline is misleading.

A few days ago a French Magazine published this image on their cover:

Their reward for such a profanity? Their office was firebombed, such is the tolerance of Islam, the religion of peace.

The magazine is undeterred however and yesterday published an image depicting a Muslim man kissing the cartoonist:

Its offices have been firebombed, its website hacked, its Facebook page suspended for 24 hours and its staff targeted with death threats, so you might have thought the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo would have tried – just for a while – to avoid upsetting anyone.

Mais non! After provoking all the above with last week’s special edition “guest edited” by the prophet Muhammad, entitled Charia Hebdo, which took pot-shots at radical Islam, the publication is set to raise a few more hackles with this week’s edition, published on Wednesday.

On the front page of the latest edition is a drawing of a male Charlie Hebdo cartoonist passionately kissing a bearded Muslim man, under the headline: L’Amour plus fort que la haine (love is stronger than hate)

You couldn’t have got much more offensive (snigger) unless they had drawn him hanging out the back of a goat. Awesome reply to the firebombing.


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  • John Q Public

    How does any Muslim even know that’s Muhammad, given he can’t be depicted?

    • thor42

      Good question.  I think they just assume that any cartoonish depiction of a Muslim must be Mo.
      Anyway – they sure as hell have no bloody sense of humour. 
      ***Good on that magazine*** for refusing to be cowed, and for their response!  Great to see!