The very last person you’d ask

Trevor Mallard has given us Labour’s opinion on a temporary stadium for the people of Christchurch.

Labour’s sport and recreation spokesman Trevor Mallard says the city does need a sports stadium, but he believes National is moving too quickly.

“I think I would’ve preferred them to wait six months to see if the situation stabilised and they could do something on a permanent basis.”

Mallard is the last person we should be askling for advice on stadia.

He cost us the RWC in 2003 because he refused clean stadiums, and then he proposed a $1billion 8 story wall of concrete on Auckland’s waterfront, and threatened to take the Rugby World Cup to Christchurch if Auckland didn’t get’s its act sorted. If he’d had his way then all preparations for the RWC would have bbeen in a stadium that fell down after the February earthquake.

Now he wants the residents of Christchurch to “wait”….is this his idea of nobbling a leadership challenge from Cosgrove? Or spiking Cunliffe’s aspirations by nobbling his running mate Dalziel?

One thing is for sure his announcement makes it look like Labour doesn’t care about Christchurch anymore.

Even Annette King hates on the people of Christchurch: