There is a word for this

There is a word for the actions of someone who asks for money for access to or action from a minister:

A key aide to a Government minister asked for money in an email that also discussed putting “political pressure” on an issue.

Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples’ electorate manager Martin Cooper wrote to a local property owner that he wanted money, then spoke of contacting a Government minister.

It led to a call for police to become involved after details were passed to Local Government Minister Rodney Hide.

Cooper named Hide as one of the people he planned to write to as part of a campaign of “political pressure”.

“I’ve never seen a more serious situation with anyone employed by Parliamentary Service,” Hide said.

Cooper could not be reached for comment but last night had full support from Sharples.

The MP was approached with the emails but refused to read them. “I support Martin 100 per cent. He’s a leader among his people,” he said.

Emails obtained by the Herald on Sunday showed Cooper was hired to help with the sale of the former headquarters of the Auckland chapter of the Black Power gang.

That word is corruption. It is especially approriate considering it involved one of New Zealand’s largest gangs.

Pita Sharples should be distancing himself from this not supporting him. Philip Field went to jail for accepting tiling and other “gifts”.

This is why I keep calling for an Independent Commission Against Corruption.


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  • No

    But if we’d had an ICAC – Hellen wouldn’t be in New York, Phil, Annette & Trevor wouldn’t be campaigning: they’d all be in gaol

    And we’d have had Don Brash campaigning for a third term for his National/ACT government!