Watkins on Key

Tracy Watkins seems to have her head screwed on right, rather than sensationalising a silly 8 minute chat that was illegally recorded she questions those who are ramping up the issue:

It is time for Key to seek the release of the tape, or a transcript, and, if the conversation was as bland as he says, the public will form their own views about the motivation of those who hyped it up.

From what we know so far the conversation was titillating, rather than scandalous.

Key appears to have made a comment about NZ First having no future because its supporters were slowly dying off.

It’s the sort of comment a political commentator might make without raising an eyebrow – though injudicious coming from a prime minister.

There also appears to have been discussion about the future of Don Brash.

The two men probably went over the same ground that has been widely canvassed in the media in the last few months: the ACT party is in disarray, Brash barely has the confidence of the party any more, that if there could have been a move against Brash before the election there would have been, and that the party is pinning its hopes on the likes of star candidate Catherine Isaacs to carry the torch in the future.

She is dead right about Don Brash, he promised so much and had he continued with the fight and vigour that he had when he rolled Rodney Hide then he wouldn;t be int he position of being talked about like a silly old grand-dad who has lost his marbles. The simple fact is that John Key doesn’t particularly like Don Brash, he knifed him for the leadership after all and John BAnks is such a natural politician who still has energy and fight that discussing a doddery old tool who can’t stay on message is hardly a “game-changer”.

As for suggesting Winstn’s bewildered and deluded fan base are dying off, ?well that’s true.

The funny thing with this whole attack that Winston and Phil goff have joined in on is that they are vilifying John Key for telling the truth when they have based their campaign around John Key telling lies.

I predict that within 24 hours Duncan Garner, Patrick Gower, and Bryce johns along with Phil Goff, Trevor Mallard and Winston peters are all going to look like tools, and will stand accused of aiding and abeting illegal behaviour and sensationalising the banal.

Of course while they have been sensationalising the banal they have let the Greens get away with their illegal campaign activity and blindly accepted the Sgt. Shultz excuses of Russel Norman. Contrast the light touch the media have handed out to the Greens with the vilification of the Exclusive Brethren in 2005. The Greens have demonstrably broken the law the?Exclusive?Brethren broke no laws.